Thank You

The Collection

I had to make one of my old Casio beats for this one. Like we back on Lynne Lane. The culmination. It feels good. But it’s about that time. Now I’ma need the cellphones out for this one. I mean it is the last song of the night. You even can stand up if you want to. Yeah, it’s time to wrap this up. But before I go I want to say this…

Pardon my imperfections, I’m no prize
Still making corrections, no surprise
When I lose my direction, I revise
And in this time of introspection, well I tried
Tried? More like I did it
My own worst critic, though I’d hate to admit it
I might recount the digits, but I’m quick off the pivot
You can talk it or live it, but I need mine vivid
Life that is, be careful what you swallowing
My circle? Like Twitter trying to watch who I’m following
Even on a bad day won’t catch me wallowing
Head down focused like I’m walking in Chicago wind
And this spot done ran its course
Resume, check, got my brand endorsed
Money’s okay, still trying to get my soul right
Are we ever there? Might take my whole life
Such a roller coaster, but even when it seems dark
Hold on, and treat it like a theme park
Right around the corner, they’ll be another mean part
My two cents though? Gotta let your dreams spark
So here are mine in 60 plus songs
Across five albums, city bus long
Tried to shed light on a city gone wrong
All to recognize what was here all along
These songs are reminders, call ‘em cues
Of the struggles that define us, Harlem Blues
And the values that align us, walk in twos
How this journey intertwined us to be more than just cool
I’m talking all of my kin folk I’m not even kin to
The ups and the downs everything that we’ve been through
Drama popped up we cut through it like a Ginsu
Now we’re grown up with things to attend to
Still I fight, I will not concede
That being grown up means giving up your dreams
Still all around me that’s exactly what I see
And if I don’t take action that’s exactly who I’ll be
And that’s a non-starter, not even an option
I’d rather be the martyr, than to never even clock in
I made a mark up in marketing now I’m so fluid
Found wisdom in a tagline, yeah, just do it
Thanks to my parents you really guided me
Never said no to what I could strive to be
Gave me the tools to find what inspires me
My very first computer, the plastic ivories
Thanks to the beefs and my early rivalries
Y’all gave me the drive to find what’s inside of me
Thanks to the haters who only tried to be
Negative influences, now I only try for me
Thanks to those who paid when you could’ve got it free
I was only here rapping for a little therapy
Who would’ve ever thought success, at least a certain degree
Would be the school boy, almost call it heresy (yeah)
Thanks to all the women who’ve shared their lives with me
I really hope I’m part of your fonder memories
Thanks to those who felt they could confide in me
Let me listen to their problems, even cried to me
To those who told the truth and didn’t lie to me
To those who took a chance to even ride with me
When it was all just potential giving five for free
Now the limit is the sky far as eyes can see (yeah)
Thanks to my sisters, nieces and nephews
The Alexanders, Smiths, my east and my west crews
It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you
And thanks to the music (yeah), my favorite refuge
All of you have shaped me and set this tone
To help me share hellos to wherever I roam
When we finally free our minds he can take me home
But until that time I’m a stay in the zone
And pardon my imperfections, I’m no prize
Still making corrections, no surprise
In this time of introspection, yes I tried
And this is my collection, good bye

Maybe you could run a mile much faster than me
Maybe you could talk about all the places you’ve seen
Maybe you could buy some things that I’ll never own
But me I’m still smiling

In The Middle

Verse One
They still call me school boy, I don’t really mind though
This Corporate American, still got some lines so
When you see me late dipping in and out of studios
Don’t start to hate I ain’t acting out a movie soooooo…
This is real life, I would not rewind
I get paid to think, write and speak my mind
Dine on their dime, frequent flying
So if you ask, yes I’m doing just fine
But that don’t mean I don’t want to rhyme
And that don’t mean I’m off kissing they behind
And that don’t mean that I came for the shine
Or that I can’t cut loose from time to time
Now don’t catch me lying I was sho nuff trying
To get their attention, and go and get signed
But the folks with the budgets said he past his prime
They politely declined, that’s when I resigned
To do this on my own, got back on the grind
And keep the whole pie, like a whole key lime
My uptime? So five nines
The bottom line? I’m one of a kind

And I found myself (whoa, oh)
Somewhere in the middle (yeah)

Verse Two
Boy you should grow up! And what, follow your path?
Please, I could count the reasons quick with no math
I stay mobile, moving like a nomad
Demand attention when I talk like I’m your dad
At first with Tammy my family was so glad
But I was like, wow why I feel so sad?
I did it anyway, walked down with no nads
Ended up on Frye Road, keyboard and four bags
Turns out I could still sit in your class
And do more than get by and go pass
But I’m different, and even when they don’t ask
I don’t really see the world through your glass
That’s the answer, we’re not the same people
But we can take different paths and still be equal
I’m back on this music, lethal
While most gave up I got ‘em looking for the sequel
And I ain’t do this for ego
But the booth keep me soaring like an eagle
Best high I could find that’s legal
So I stay inside, not looking through the key hole
And these days don’t align myself
With those things that might misalign my health (yeah)
Just take a breath and remind myself (hey)
In the middle sometimes where I find myself


Verse One
I guess Tiger was a man ho, just another cheetah
Running so fast chasing after those skeezers
Dipping round Vegas like I hope nobody sees us
Now he praying Jesus
And his straight laced fans like how you deceive us?
We supported you and this is how you treat us?
Yes, your boy was the daddy mack
Working on his stroke and he had ‘em in the caddy shack
Whoa, okay yeah I’ll stop
But look kids, the point is he forgot
He sold ‘em on the clean cut, now he up a river
‘Cause you fall so hard when you can’t go deliver
Don’t buy the ticket if you can’t watch the movie
So Ted Haggard with it, that’s so loony
Should’ve kept it real, Foxx, Mooney
And that’s why I keep it so George Clooney

If you could do it again
Would you keep it real or would you pretend (huh? what?)

Verse Two
She sitting with the in-laws smiling all big
Laughing all fake, while she take small digs
Baby don’t hate, them is both y’all kids
And you both signed up, yup that’s what y’all did
Oh, hold up let me rewind
I know a girl who be out all the time
Stay fronting’ steady on her last dime
Hoping that debit card don’t get declined
Stop lying, the mirrors and smoke
They not really friends if they won’t take you broke (yes)
Yup that’s how we need to deal with it (hey)
Just got to keep it real with it
Oh, and to my girls out there
Lying that, dying that, permed out there (yes)
I like it natural as well as your skin
So baby girl you don’t have to pretend (for real, let’s go)

I’m Addicted

Verse One
When I wake up, the first I do?
Not brush my teeth, not hit that loo
I check my email so I’m not restless
And then it’s new tab, my RSS is
Is so updated, I like it real time
Almost embarrassed to go reveal my
Web addiction, they call me F5
Mr. Refresh don’t get my left side
To start connecting ‘cause I’ll be up late
Start inspecting just one more page
Is this reflection on how I relate?
Or just some insight to OCD traits?
I don’t know but I will say this much
It’s so hard to go replace this rush
I tried hiking, reading, biking
Nah, no deal bruh, not up to my liking
Yeah I’m addicted (hey, yeah) can’t give this up (hey, yeah)
So I’m conflicted (hey, yeah), can we unplug? (hey, yeah)

Verse Two
When I go on vacay without my mobile
Man that first day I just go wild
Plus no netbook, thumb drive, no files
I get antsy, on edge, no smile
But then I sit back and I calm down
Tell myself, homie move it along now
But yeah still it piles up
Hit that cafe ‘cause they got dial-up
I might Bing it, but I don’t G though
‘Cause my sponsor bought me Cheetos
And plus they paid me to go and surf that
Call it research, that’s how I worked that
Don’t do MySpace that’s Baltic Ave
But my Facebook it’s off the map
And that bird site got me tweeting
IDK, man I should’ve been sleeping

Come To Jesus Now

They be sinning like a sinner, oh you never would have known
Sipping something, shooting something, tossing money on a roll
They be laying with ‘em, playing with ‘em, giving them a show (yeah)
But then they want run back to Jesus (wow)

Verse One
Yup, there they go another sex tape on the camera
She trying to get famous, he trying to show off his stamina
Claiming it was stolen hoping that won’t go and damage her
TMZ is covering now she no longer amateur
Got herself deal up on cable and now she blossoming
Paparazzi chasing her, bloggers are steady gossiping
Got her body sliced up, she getting more popular
Women say they hate her, but they tuning in and watching her
Then they tune out ‘cause they bored again
Next thing you know she back and she’s born again
Making truces with her rivals like can we be friends
Probably see her next month up on TBN
Now I ain’t mad if you on it and you really do believe it
But some of y’all is fronting and I’ll see it when I see it
I’m so not the judge, but I’m still going police it
‘Cause if ain’t real then you shouldn’t go and speak it

Call him when you down, so down and low
But will you come back when you’re good to go?
Call him when you down, so down and low
But will you come back when he’s ready?

Copy & Paste

It’s like we want get rich, but don’t want to work for it
Ask for forgiveness, but won’t go to church for it
Want to get fit, but then it starts to hurt so it
Only last a bit, we fold in the first moment
And I’m only being kind of facetious
‘Cause I done heard things that would leave you so speechless
Trying to be a millionaire chasing after Regis
Man the aggregate is just so egregious
Fifty years ago? Had to put your time in
To be great you had to get in line and
Learn from the best, the classics, the finest
And we wonder why they were so timeless
Now it’s all instant, microwaved fast food
And we barely say thanks when we pass through
Things change, but this is really past due
Or at least I’m thinking that it really has to
Get rich quick off a handful of freebies
Lose weight fast said the man on the TV
There’s no shortcut, but they don’t believe me
Guess I’m the old man, should I take it easy?
Or should I get worked up and try to get this cleaned up?
Since we don’t really seem to move on our dreams much
Can’t get a handle on it, something like a mean clutch
Lost in America, tell me if you’ve seen us

Yes we copy paste our lives away
Trying to hurry to a better day
But we just might find, that the things we leave behind
Are the only things that mattered along away

Lately it’s been up and down trying to go and find my place
It seems I’m going round and round, looking for the easy way
Lately it’s been up and down trying to go and find my place
Looking for an easy crown, maybe I’ll just copy paste

Your Favorite

Verse One
It always feel good when it’s new, true
But then all change when it rains, boo
But let’s let it do what it do, cool?
I’m not trying to play no games, you?
Right now I entertain you
Made you crack up when you came through
The first time, you did the same too
But will you get tired of the same dude?
I mean after we get a little history
Will I lose my mystery?
Will you still give it all when you kissing me?
Or will you say I’m a different me?
Or will you just get bored?
‘Cause I’m not as much fun as before
Get that feeling that you need a little more?
Well I don’t know, but let’s explore

Now it feels so alive and it’s cool when it’s new
But there’s no need to rush let it do what it do
Now I fiending for your touch but you don’t have to choose
‘Cause baby I’ma end up your favorite

Verse Two
I’m a little flawed right now, scarred right now
Hope that don’t make you run far right now
Figured I would go and tell it all right now
‘Cause you the only I want to call right now
So how ‘bout this?
Let’s forget Smitty, how about Smith?
If doesn’t work you plead the fifth
Yeah, I’m all over, you get the gist?
This? An offer you can’t resist
That’s what I’m trying to sell you
And so I’d be remiss
If I didn’t tell you
They say when you’re not searching
You find something new
And there it was lurking
Me plus you

I’m So Mobile

I’m so mobile
I’m ready to go
And if you with that
Then let me know

Verse One
I’m so mobile, It’s no surprise
That I promo the friendly skies
Might roll solo or get my guys
Call me local, now that’s a lie
I start walking brand new places
Find new food, brand new tastes
I like watching brand new faces
Now they stopping, said I look famous
Then they take me to where they hang at
Where they dance at, where they sang at
And it’s okay, I don’t speak their language
Find new friends in perfect strangers
And I’m so gone, like a sailor
When I go roam like a freighter
When I get home I’m back on paper
My carbon footprint, we’ll get that later

Verse Two
I put in work, but do they need me
That depends, first why they keep me?
They could replace me, but not too easy
Still I save in case they get greasy
So I’m a roller, or maybe gypsy
I been all over, sometimes ritzy
Sometimes Grover and not so glitzy
But like I told you, this is City
I might rat pack, but I don’t Bogart
I don’t back pack, but I go hard
I’m no pack rat, I just discard
Now I’m back packed, grab your guitars
‘Cause we singing, let’s go searching
Now I’m zinging across the earth and
Not for meaning, or something surface
But changing scenes so I can live my purpose


Verse One
We over here worshipping cars, square footage
The truth it tears through it, the proof is there hooded
The suits we wear sooted, the downfall is rooted
In lifestyles that’s crooked, it can’t change or could it?
The dice game? We shook it
The high horse is fake get down and come look it
We downplay and jake but truth is we hooking
Turning tricks for a slice of that rotten apple pie
White collar your life ’till it’s time to say goodbye
I was raised in the desert, ended up by the sea
In a downtown flat, still trying to get free
Still trying to get we on up to the mountain side
Could I really help ‘em? doubt still resides
It won’t end up like the movies
Maybe I shouldn’t be choosey
Nah, I got to go for what moves me
But yes, yes, we dealing with a doozy

Go down (go down) Moses (Moses)
And let my (let my) people free (whoa oh oh)

Verse Two
They say we in recession, money on they mind
I call it progression, ‘cause when you in a bind
You find innovation a way to free your mind
So this invitation you should not decline
She really needs a coach bag, he really needs sneakers
She really wants to gloat bad, he really needs speakers
To pound up the block and then when he sees us
He turns it up a lot, I think he really needs us
He’s needs our attention, she needs our love
And oh not to mention, she needs our trust
His music is a battle cry ‘cause he’s at war
But he couldn’t tell you what he’s really the fighting for
Me? I got amnesia – can’t remember what it looked like
That moment when you blow it all just to make ‘em look twice
And it’s never really worth it ‘cause they on to the next one
So tell me what’s the purpose? You probably should’ve kept some

Verse Three
There’s always a richer one, there’s always someone finer
I ain’t say don’t get you some, but don’t chase behind her
I’m done with the game, sold my season tickets
‘Cause even as a fan, I couldn’t really kick it
Still playing pick-up ‘cause love is forever more
Hope you caught the last few, we switched back to metaphors
When I was 23, not Jordan, but age wise
You wasn’t telling me I wasn’t on the main line
My first house VA, really can’t complain
Made thirty grand on it, felt like a game
Second house with Jackie, mostly the same
Third house? Exactly, I must have been insane
Expected different outcomes, missed the fundamentals
Purchased at the peak, in hindsight it’s simple
Now you can make it hard, depends on what you into
Me? No charge, I got business to attend to
Now it’s back to basics, cash flow and assets
You? You might hate it if you out for the fast check
And if that’s your thing, better run out and cash that
‘Cause it all falls downs, we simply can’t mask that
We cap off a decade that’s past its prime
It’s a brand new era and I’m back in line
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times
It’s just a point of view, now make up your mind

They like hey Sean, we over here worshipping Dagon (for what?)