Deal Breaker

You know it starts off good yeah both saying ready set
Then she start kid talking and I’m not ready yet
Maybe I should grow up, go and make that heavy bet
Then I’m like slow it up, so I’m not married yet
Maybe that’s cop out, I really don’t know but
Sometimes I be thinking should I even show up
Talking how she comprise just to even deal with me
How she fed up but she got to keep it real with me
Still, she won’t break up and that’s strange
But I got the message, she wants me to change
But now I’m thinking wait, hold up
I been the same since I first showed up
Values don’t align, it’s as simple as that
And that’s more than sign, the tempos don’t match
Now we both sit and listen to a bad song
And when it’s out of sync it won’t last long

I might give, I might fold
I might let my ego go
All my loving you can hold
But I won’t take the deal breakers (oh no)

Verse Two
Saw a really cute face, then I saw a smoke stick
Now I’m thinking you taste gross, the grossest
There go a winner, but the attitude stank so
And plus her home girl bank rolled
I don’t scoop ‘em at the club, ‘cause they looking for some love
Baby might be a winner and I might be the scrub
Then we might eat some dinner and she might give it up
But she might get confused when I won’t wife it up
And trust, I done seen a couple of the finest
And true, I’ve been blessed with smart ones too
But hush, listen and let this remind us
We should never settle, that’s a no can do
Plus, if you know you only give them the best
Shouldn’t that mean you should get it from the rest?
Yes, so baby don’t you apologize
There’s just some things we can’t compromise

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