Ain’t No Stopping Me Now

<a href="">Ain&#8217;t No Stopping Me Now by Ill City</a>

Oh. Yes. It’s so serious man. We back up in the building. Okay. Let’s get ‘em

Hook One
This life is filled with ups and downs
Lose yourself into the sounds
Took some time but now I found
Ain’t no stopping me now
Feel the music in your soul
Don’t resist it just let it go
First I missed it, now I know
Ain’t no stopping me now

Verse One
Whoa, stop the presses your man is wrestles
I done heard a couple cats, and they talking reckless
Don’t hate the kid cause he ambidextrous
Just shut your big mouth and pull up your dresses
Truth is, shouldn’t have to stress this
But this still Outrajus and I will protect this
Y’all could run fast – I got detectives
I’m Sherlock homes, hope you got the message
Pull your skirt up homes, you don’t want to test this
Leave ya stripped down white tee no necklace
Ain’t talking four-pound and Velcro vests
But make it go down and I will address this
Pause for a second, let y’all connect it
Yeah that’s right, what y’all suspected
I’m old school homie, but well invested
So when I touch down y’all best respect it (yes)

Verse Two
You spend time making beats, writing some flows
I spend time making records, and dropping them hoes
Nicest on the block means zip to me
I need six bucks a pop ‘for you get with me
I read your little bios – no sympathy
Cause I don’t dap up potential; what you’re meant to be
Yo, it is what is, you are who you be
And on the cool it really don’t seem that hard to me
But enough of these clowns, get back to this
That’s right, get down – let’s clap to this (whoa)
Music is the voice, you can feel it in your soul
Just take two breaths and let the stress go
I’m in a pretty good mood, eating pretty good food
Couple dollars in my pocket, plus my family’s good too
6’4″ 220 that’s what living good do (hey)
Got a new gym plan so I’m feeling brand new
And I don’t have time for those wannabe verses
I’m a mogul in training, plus I’m here for a purpose
To help these kids not to feel so worthless
To shake up our leaders, and wake up our churches (hey)

Ain’t no way I’m gonna let you pull me down, oh no

Wait, hold up I need to switch this up
If this is your second time, sing along with us

Hook Two
Walk with me, we were blessed with another day
So we gone do it all the way, only way we know (oh)

Verse Three
I wake up early in the morning about 6AM
A bowl of Life Cereal – the day begins
Hit my folks on the email for how they been
Out the door in an hour trying to get these ends
Got a pretty good life and I can’t complain
But well me being me I need some change
Yeah I got a new address some decent things
But the mission and the focus, still the same
It goes early in the morning, late night yawning
You can catch grinding tonight (alright, hey)
But when I start zoning, I pause for a moment
And then I’m back grinding alright (alright, hey)

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