Basic Pimpin’

<a href="">Basic Pimpin&#8217; by Ill City</a>

Basic pimpin’ yes indeed
Get that money, get that cheese
You know you want it, but it ain’t free
Cause who they pimpin’ is you and me

Hook Stack
You make dollars, break your neck
Get those dollars, cash your check
Spend your dollars, now you set
Bank lends dollars, you in debt (repeat)

Verse One
There’s gotta be a better way than just working to make a dollar
Save a little for your daughter, maybe put the girl in college
When she get old, you hoping she do something with the knowledge?
Problem is they leave home, the world try to demolish
She met a fast talking playa, had her skipping her class soon
He like the way she walked tight up in them Sassons
She never said no, living life to a fast tune
Now the EPT got her crying in bathrooms
She didn’t want to let her parents down, and couldn’t afford it
So second trimester, mommy aborted
Now she grieving, never see her little baby teething
And I can’t through stones ’cause I feel her reasons
Now seasons come and seasons change
But life is life and the fact remains
It don’t matter who’s wrong or who’s to blame
Get the picture called life, and just fix the frame

Verse Two
I remember looking at my momma getting ready for work
She never knew a sick day, took her problems to church
It be early morning rising, driving way ‘cross town
For what? To work a job that be beating her down
She get home, pass out – saying goodness it got late
So me and my sister, we fixed us a hot plate
No big deal, in the end we got straight
But they wonder why I be on the mission to cop cake
You feel love when you broke and crowded
Yeah, yeah slept on a cot with a quilt around it
My little sister and her dolls surrounded
But them days back then, yo they keep you grounded
I really want to leave the grind alive
Problem is, I still struggle with the 9-to-5s
They try to clip my wings when it’s time to fly
But look, ain’t no stopping us – ride or die

Verse Three
Now I think about religion and our inner beliefs
Look at how we living then I pray for my niece
Keep my eye on the prize in this battle for peace
But on the streets I still gotta keep an eye on police
I put belief in God, but never the pastor
His gators stay clean, but what is he after?
My book says that you can’t serve two masters
So park your Caddy, and tend your pasture

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