Can’t Make It Better

<a href="">Can&#8217;t Make It Better by Ill City</a>

Additional Lyrics By Madia Logan

No you can make it all better, no you can’t fix it up
Said enough is enough

Verse One
It’s been long coming, but the beat still humming
With my high school woman and I’m doing my thang
I’m part-time student while I’m full-time gigging
Trying to find good living, but she still complain
Find time for some dinner, and late night movie
But she still stay moody, and it’s killing me man
I don’t need big spinners, but check my agenda
6’4ā€¯ in a Sentra – is you kidding me man?
Now it ain’t all about dollars, but I seen enough struggle
That the chance for some bubble hey I can’t pass
Now she running to my momma, late night spreading drama
And I’m feeling bad karma so this can’t last
Maybe I’m the one that’s tripping, or the one that never listens
But regardless of conditions, I’m needing a change
So I walked out the kitchen with a plate full of chicken
Put my headphones on and started spreading my wings

Verse Two
It was Super Bowl Sunday, really just another weekend
So I hopped on the keys since my girl was still sleeping
And that time flies by when that track start beating
Then she walked in mad, like Sean was out cheating (come on)
My oh my, now we arguing
Is these songs what you got a problem with?
Oh you think you don’t get enough complements
First came rage then consequence
She grabbed up my disks, watched it all in slow motion
As she walked to the balcony and started tossing over
My Miles D. poster, and my five dollar loafers
Started wetting up my clothes like I don’t even know her
Police came, they even touch me
It seems strange, how it get this ugly?
She had that look on her like I’m the bad man
Baby don’t hate change, get cat scan

Verse Three
Now she blowing up my phone since I back at my parents
Got my voice mails blaring saying I’m too cold
But you can keep swearing, talking ’bout I’m not caring
I just found my potential and I had to let it grow
Finished school and I sold some tracks
Now it’s on, no holding back
No regrets, yeah I told her that
Look I ain’t running circles like a cul-de-sac
But I was still missing all those nights she did still listen
So I sit here admitting I was wrong in ending
When that time slipping it be too late for mending
But I wouldn’t change a thang, ’cause my life is worth living
And y’all know how the rest of it is
She got married and she had some kids
Me? I couldn’t live life halfing it
‘Cause that just feels way too average

Madia Verse
Come home every night to the same thing
Maybe everybody’s right, you ain’t gonna change
Keeping out love tight, but I’m feeling strange
Keep on pushing and you just might push me away

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