Copy & Paste

It’s like we want get rich, but don’t want to work for it
Ask for forgiveness, but won’t go to church for it
Want to get fit, but then it starts to hurt so it
Only last a bit, we fold in the first moment
And I’m only being kind of facetious
‘Cause I done heard things that would leave you so speechless
Trying to be a millionaire chasing after Regis
Man the aggregate is just so egregious
Fifty years ago? Had to put your time in
To be great you had to get in line and
Learn from the best, the classics, the finest
And we wonder why they were so timeless
Now it’s all instant, microwaved fast food
And we barely say thanks when we pass through
Things change, but this is really past due
Or at least I’m thinking that it really has to
Get rich quick off a handful of freebies
Lose weight fast said the man on the TV
There’s no shortcut, but they don’t believe me
Guess I’m the old man, should I take it easy?
Or should I get worked up and try to get this cleaned up?
Since we don’t really seem to move on our dreams much
Can’t get a handle on it, something like a mean clutch
Lost in America, tell me if you’ve seen us

Yes we copy paste our lives away
Trying to hurry to a better day
But we just might find, that the things we leave behind
Are the only things that mattered along away

Lately it’s been up and down trying to go and find my place
It seems I’m going round and round, looking for the easy way
Lately it’s been up and down trying to go and find my place
Looking for an easy crown, maybe I’ll just copy paste

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