Family Ties

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My family ties, well at times
Oh they seem to unwind
On a course to collide
But they will not be broken
My family ties, well at times
Oh they seem to unwind
On a course to divide
But they will not be broken

Verse One
Well there’s drama on the Smith side, it gets horrific
Folks crossed lines, I won’t get specific
Now my momma crying, cause she thinks she missed it
Everybody got issues and we no different
But when we walk around like it’s all terrific
We undermine growth and the chance to fix it
Let’s branch out be more heuristic
I mean come on y’all is we just statistics?
Now my brother won’t call my dad
Folks gossiping and that’s so sad
And if I unleashed a can of worms off this
Then I guess well, that’s my bad
But I ain’t going sit around and let y’all bask
In all this ignorance, fix your path
I’m trying to fix mine, clear my tab
Lose this flab and shake these crabs (for real)

Verse Two
Now with all this gossiping I can’t tell
Who’s just nosey or trying to help
Who’s just hating, or wishing well
Or just out talking to help themselves
But problem is I’m just as bad
I can’t throw stones, and wish I had
A little better sense to just tune out the chit chat
Let’s talk solution, but y’all don’t want to hear that
Last I checked what family was
It was folks unified through life and blood
But family is what family does
And this dysfunction is family mud
Getting slung in the place of love and this
Goes against what y’all claim you represent
On Sundays you scream hallelujah well
But the rest of the week y’all I can’t tell

It’s a celebration y’all. Yes, I love life. And in the midst of conflict we must find the best in ourselves. Because it is during conflict that we show who we truly are. It is easy to claim victim to side step responsibility. The truth is that it’s all a roll-a-coaster ride. We all have ups and downs. And without struggle there is no greatness. So to my family in Chi-town and Arizona and all the other places where I’ve made family along the way – thanks for your support. I really do appreciate it. Now let’s stop with the secrets, confront the past and get on with the future. Despite all the madness there is a brighter day. Let’s make it.

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