Far From Perfect

<a href="http://music.illcity.com/track/far-from-perfect">Far From Perfect by Ill City</a>

Yes. I-Double-L. Okay. I want to thank y’all for joining me once again. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Before I go I want to share this with y’all. Listen.

I woke up this morning with my mind on some other things
My purpose on this planet, life, amongst other things
One of those days when your mind just starts to wonder things
Trying to soak it all in like some slow cooked butter beans

In the morning it’s just me, a bowl of Life cereal
My favorite magazines, a little music on the stereo
It’s all so peaceful, but if this life was a video
I’d pause it for a moment, write some friendlier material

You know I got plan, I tell myself this on the daily
But it seems like sometimes I get all caught up in the maybes
Maybe I’ll quit this job, maybe I’ll stick with this lady
Then that plan, my plan, well it gets kind of hazy

Look I just want to tell stories like Martin Scorsese
Do a bio-pic on Earth, Wind & Fire, Maurice White, Philip Bailey
Or trace more roots like my generation’s Alex Haley
Or bring back the musical, make ‘em dance like Alvin Ailey

I know I’m just a man, but understand I’m not dreaming
But some days, sometimes well that’s what it’s seeming
Words like perseverance help me rise like a Phoenix
I may not get to the top, but I’ll reach my personal zenith

Now what’s my genius? Well I haven’t really figured it
They put my name on some paper, but I still feel illiterate
Trying to be more humble, and a little more considerate
Trying to build up some distance from those moral degenerates

Yeah, well that’s sounds good on a CD, but life is 3D
And you can’t retake a vocal when life’s got you in a choke hold
My heart it can be so cold, listen I’m trying to fix that
I’m not the tin man, really I’m trying to nix that

I said a couple songs back I grind it out like a slow jam
Trying to tie it all together, legato like Chopin
Our world’s in disarray I’m just trying to help out the program
While the media fixates on Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan

Yes, we’re just humans and born quite irregular
Like clothes up at Ross, and it cost to get better bruh
Better girl, better world, better human beings
I still believe in hope, so we can still change things

Still me I don’t eat like I should
And still me I don’t work out like I could
And still me I’m too busy to stop by
Check in on my folks – you know just say hi

They say we we’re a work in progress, well I’m working toward progress
I see the end goal, but it’s still a real process
I’m far perfect, but I’m tryna free my mind
And I’ma do a little better, one day at a time

I-Double-L. I love life. Outrajus. Sonic Boom. Yes. Thanks Madia. Im’a see y’all in Chinatown. The real China town, I’m talking Beijing. Thank y’all for listening. Now turn this CD off and go get some work done. It’s your boy. Ill City.

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