Figure It Out

<a href="">Figure It Out by Ill City</a>

Oowah, oowah, oowah, oowah
I’m tryin to figure it out

I’m trying to figure out what
Trying to figure out who
How I’m really trying to be
What I’m really gone do
Trying to figure out what
Trying to figure out who
How I’m really trying to be
Trying to make it, ohh, ohhh

Verse One
I sat thinking. “Should I go and give my two week notice?”
Or just keep sitting in this cube while I’m feeling so hopeless
I mean just two more months, I would’ve seen that bonus
But when I bounced, had to bounce, I was free for a moment (hey)
They said you cushy with it dog, better ride that out
But truth was knowing me I couldn’t ride that out
All these ideas in my head, and my mind just spinning
Look, the limit is the sky, this is just the beginning
Now she sits there thinking, “Should I have this baby?”
Yeah, I’m way too young and this feels so crazy
He’s a dead beat dad in training so future’s hazy
Will she make it either way? I don’t know well maybe
Now he sits there thinking, “Should I go to this class?”
Knowing the block probably make him some cash (so fast)
And Malik up the street he just copped him a Jag
And them cornball school boys ain’t rolling like that

Verse Two
Now she sits there thinking, “Should I cheat on my man?”
Is treating me the best that he can? (hmph)
Is he really, really sorry for that girl in the club
But truth is you took him back after that girl in the club
I say dump him if you need to, stay away from the mall
And roll him to voicemail if that knucklehead call
Don’t max out your Visa cause you’re sad and all
Cause broke hearts and broke wallets don’t mix at all
Now he sits there thinking, “I’ma get that degree.”
Sleet or snow, “I’ma get that degree” you know me
Well I’m like do what you want if you ain’t looking for checks
But dog finance or tech — if you looking for checks
Yeah, do it for the passion, I used to say that
But be smart with that passion and get your payback
Look figure out a plan and repeat after me
We do it big, even though life is TBD (come on)

Verse Three
I stay highly motivated, while most just go get sedated
But still out here having fun up on this grind y’all
This game will try to leave you jaded, but hey life is what you make it
Just thought I’d go take a minute and remind y’all
And hey that syrup that they sipping make it so you can’t listen
Then your mind will start to flipping like a Side Kick
And man poison in your system lead to funny dispositions
So I pass on the glass, good night kids (let’s go)

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