<a href="">Finally by Ill City</a>

Verse One
It’s time to open up, yup, everybody fall in
All tuned up and my engine ain’t stalling
And I don’t shortcut, I put it all in
Running fast not thinking what it’s costing
I was playing every hand trying to run a Boston
But now days I take a breath more often
And on the cool I might never get to ballin’
But 4, 5 mill and your boy might chill
Guess it’s all relative, I’m around real money
They don’t know the background, so that’s real funny
Yeah, they talking summer in the Hamptons
While I was carpooling just to get down to Hampton
Mr. self-conscience, you heard new school clothes
And even as a grown up I been playing two roles
School boy fresh like a rapper rocking two flows
A foot in two places, but stop two faces?
In the day time I be in the office
Selling that Kool-Aid, watching what it cost us
But at night I should be more cautious
Knowing that I shouldn’t be helping these bosses
Call it evolution or maybe maturation
But lately I’ve lost my infatuation
With half of the things that I steady been chasing
Guess that’s the process, thanks for the patience

Dah [x4] finally free
Dah [x4] finally me

Verse Two
And finally when I look into the mirror
I see the real me, it’s never been clearer
Don’t need a co-sign should’ve been on mine
It’s a journey and we travel on our own time
And I admit I was standing in the wrong line
But I’m a tell the truth even if it don’t rhyme
Now it’s all connected like I’m online
And yes ma’am, this been coming for a long time
Finally I’m making sure I eat right
No more 3-4 hours, I’m trying to sleep right
And my fam live far, but trying keep tight
Finally giving back, sowing what I reaped, right?
History is something that we can’t re-write
But we can learn from it, use it on a bleak night
It’s still a journey, but I see light
And if I get off track, this verse I will recite

Verse Three
I need seven letter words in my life, that’s a bingo
Does that mean I play big? Bingo
Some folks ask why you still single?
I can’t copy your hand this ain’t Kinkos
So I play mine and I assume
When life gives you pause you just resume
And that’s funny ’cause this was never planned
But somehow the struggle made me a better man
Then again, destiny’s divine
So if you just testing me, fine
And I’m good, let the rest of these shine
So now it’s ’bout time to get the rest of me in line
And now when I can afford the Bentley
I see the coupe and it don’t even tempt me
Still not sure why he sent me
But I’m ready, the tank’s not empty

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