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I want to thank you all for hanging out with me on this project. Hope you’ve enjoyed the ride. You know aside for a few exceptions, entertainers don’t have much to say these days. Rap music is even worse, with most songs pushing the same themes over and over. But I don’t really care as long as the beat’s tight. That’s what we say right?

Still, there has to be a deeper reason for why we continue to support the party songs and club tracks. Well, we love to hang and we need those songs. We need their mind numbing powers to shield us from the rest of the week. The reality is our lives aren’t that great, and most of us have jobs we don’t enjoy. Next to sleeping, we spend more time working than anything else we do.

So how can you be happy in life if our job sucks? Maybe you have a hobby. Maybe your family makes it all worth it. Or maybe you’re just lying to yourself, because you’ve conceded this is as good as it gets. Man, think back to when you were growing up. What did you want to be? Why?

Was it prestige? Security? Money? Or was it the idea that you’d discovered something that you really enjoyed and you would do it even if nobody paid you. Whoa. There’s nothing wrong with a decent paycheck, but you’ll never be completely happy with your job if it’s not something you’re passionate about. Granted you probably have responsibilities, bills to pay.

But take a few moments and evaluate your current situation, and look at ways that you can get closer to financial and mental freedom. Now I mean even if you can’t physically quit a job you don’t like, you should mentally divorce it. That’s word. You can be extremely productive without being emotionally attached. Gotta understand that.

Corporations are founded with the sole objective of generating profit. So how can you get mad when they lay you off? While corporations should be responsible, they don’t owe you anything. In the same vain — neither do you. But if you buy into the lie that is consumer mentality you will have to work for them in order to maintain your lifestyle.

Yeah we buy stuff that we don’t need to make up for the inadequacies in the other parts of our life. If we would address those areas, we wouldn’t have to work so hard. Now, I doubt significant change gone come of this little disc, but hopefully listeners will appreciate a different point of view. Biggie said rap what you know. Well I’m not a thug and I’m sho’ not a gangsta.

My life has consisted of working jobs I didn’t enjoy, the ups and downs of relationships, and the endless pursuit of passion over the dollar. In the end I’m just a black kid who spent half his life living cruddy – the other half in the suburbs. Nothing really sexy about that, but maybe folks can relate. And maybe I can get a few people in their cubicles to think about ways to make their life better.

Meanwhile, maybe some folks headed to the mall will realize that you don’t need that extra pair of shoes or new jeans just to make yourself feel good. It’s all up to you, you can take it or leave it. We’ll see what folks do.

Funny thing about this whole project is I’m not even a rapper. I’m just a guy with a couple of things on his mind, but I figured you wouldn’t listen unless I disguised it as entertainment. It’s a crazy world.

I’m Ill City. This is Outrajus, and I’m out.

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