Free Your Mind

<a href="">Free Your Mind by Ill City</a>

Verse One
I don’t understand how the suburbs filled with under achievers
And the block is filled with nothing but dreamers (man)
See one got the motivation, the other got the pieces
But for both procrastination is their stifling Achilles
Yeah, but I’m a be a doctor – and I’m like oh really?
But you got no study skills, now don’t be silly
You can get that MD, but I’ll tell you simply
Not with your book bag empty
See I’m the product of home, private and public education
So for all situations, I know what you facing
Can’t hang out, your teachers is wack
Or school’s just a fashion show, you ain’t learning jack
But look no excuses, life is ruthless
You don’t need Brown or Judge Judy for the truth it’s
All guaranteed to test y’all
But there’s a payoff for being the best y’all (for real)

Free your mind, yeah
You can go anywhere, you be anything
Boy don’t waste your time, yeah
You can go anywhere, you be anything
Girl you’ll do just fine, yeah
You can go anywhere, you be anything
Boy don’t waste your time, yeah
You can go anywhere, you be anything
Girl you’ll do just fine

Verse Two
They said it always came easy for me, well I’ve been blessed
But battling complacency – now that’s the test
You get a little something, yeah you’ll see what you’re made of
Lot of cats get lazy, or forget where they came from
Now I don’t really blame some, it’s hard in this game son
Sometimes it’ll change some, no need to name one
You get lost in journey feeling pain son
But that’s life, come on now its gone rain some
I had this job at a call center hating my life
It was draining my mind left with no time to write
That little 30-minute lunch break wasn’t treating me right
So I finished school, quit that hoe and got myself nice
That’s $9.50 an hour to six-figures in four years
And I’m not done yet, them seven figures is near
And if it’s still not clear, let me whisper in your ear
You holding the keys, the answers all right here

Verse Three
The life expectancy of Black males – 25? don’t believe that
Check any Block, USA with your own eyes and you’ll see that
True, we losing a grip, but most be holding on
We been struggling for long, it’s like that same old song
So let’s get it on, ‘cause ain’t no stopping me
From the housing projects up to the residential properties
Like Rockefeller to Gates, we trying to build up monopolies
Spit some philosophies like Socrates to Greeks
For my peeps in the streets I drop a prelude like Honda
Still most sleep off the Quaaludes, but like Henry Fonda
On the Golden Pond, I’m trying to go out gracefully
But before I leave I want y’all to get a taste of me
To shed a bit of light, and not live too hastily
These visions and these dreams, yes we still chasing these
Trying show a generation there’s a better place to be
Yeah that’s my legacy – my place in history

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