Verse One
We over here worshipping cars, square footage
The truth it tears through it, the proof is there hooded
The suits we wear sooted, the downfall is rooted
In lifestyles that’s crooked, it can’t change or could it?
The dice game? We shook it
The high horse is fake get down and come look it
We downplay and jake but truth is we hooking
Turning tricks for a slice of that rotten apple pie
White collar your life ’till it’s time to say goodbye
I was raised in the desert, ended up by the sea
In a downtown flat, still trying to get free
Still trying to get we on up to the mountain side
Could I really help ‘em? doubt still resides
It won’t end up like the movies
Maybe I shouldn’t be choosey
Nah, I got to go for what moves me
But yes, yes, we dealing with a doozy

Go down (go down) Moses (Moses)
And let my (let my) people free (whoa oh oh)

Verse Two
They say we in recession, money on they mind
I call it progression, ‘cause when you in a bind
You find innovation a way to free your mind
So this invitation you should not decline
She really needs a coach bag, he really needs sneakers
She really wants to gloat bad, he really needs speakers
To pound up the block and then when he sees us
He turns it up a lot, I think he really needs us
He’s needs our attention, she needs our love
And oh not to mention, she needs our trust
His music is a battle cry ‘cause he’s at war
But he couldn’t tell you what he’s really the fighting for
Me? I got amnesia – can’t remember what it looked like
That moment when you blow it all just to make ‘em look twice
And it’s never really worth it ‘cause they on to the next one
So tell me what’s the purpose? You probably should’ve kept some

Verse Three
There’s always a richer one, there’s always someone finer
I ain’t say don’t get you some, but don’t chase behind her
I’m done with the game, sold my season tickets
‘Cause even as a fan, I couldn’t really kick it
Still playing pick-up ‘cause love is forever more
Hope you caught the last few, we switched back to metaphors
When I was 23, not Jordan, but age wise
You wasn’t telling me I wasn’t on the main line
My first house VA, really can’t complain
Made thirty grand on it, felt like a game
Second house with Jackie, mostly the same
Third house? Exactly, I must have been insane
Expected different outcomes, missed the fundamentals
Purchased at the peak, in hindsight it’s simple
Now you can make it hard, depends on what you into
Me? No charge, I got business to attend to
Now it’s back to basics, cash flow and assets
You? You might hate it if you out for the fast check
And if that’s your thing, better run out and cash that
‘Cause it all falls downs, we simply can’t mask that
We cap off a decade that’s past its prime
It’s a brand new era and I’m back in line
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times
It’s just a point of view, now make up your mind

They like hey Sean, we over here worshipping Dagon (for what?)

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