Funny How The Wind Blows

<a href="">Funny How The Wind Blows by Ill City</a>

It’s funny how the wind blows
Life moves fast it’ll change up the tempo
Some won’t last, but I keep mine simple
Watch it unfold cause it’s funny how it goes (you know; now let’s go)

Verse One
Now my grad school flame, man used to call her rich girl
Daddy kept her laced up, I wasn’t used to this world
Got a new truck and she handed me the keys
Man the lifestyle was nuts, but still I had to leave
Cause I found a couple whips won’t get you by
Yeah, you can’t buy “happy”, but they sure enough tried
Drop 50 up in Vegas, nobody asked why
While her sister wild out and her brother got high
Got an email from old girl saying what’s up
She turned out okay, but the rest no luck
Turns out daddy was gambler, mommy tore the mall up
Next up, guess what? Yup, they spent it all up
Little brother locked up, sister on her third kid
Makes you go and ask was it really all worth it?
Now daddy is a janitor working out in Maryland
Wish things could have turned out a little better man

Verse Two
When I started selling beats, yo they used to call me school boy
I really didn’t mind, I let it do what it do boy
Hawk down in Texas trying to make a connect
But if you wasn’t from New York you wasn’t getting respect
Hawk’s cousin had a group and they seemed to fit
Little thug, little street and I must admit
I was young in game and hey this could get
Your boy off to a start to go make some chips
But as things turn out man they broke up fast
They rolled out LA to make some cash
A couple tried acting, but that ain’t last
And one got locked up, DUI crash
I found an old CD that we cut in AZ
Called “Slow Your Road”, man them cats was cold
Then I thought to myself, wow how this happen?
The school boy’s the only one out here rapping (man)

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