Get Out

<a href="">Get Out by Ill City</a>

Get Out – If you know you can’t do the time
Get Out – You got no beats and you can’t rhyme
Get Out – You got no dough and you ain’t fine
Get Out – Make it happen y’all, work your mind

Hook Stack
If you can’t hold, can’t control it
Just let it go it’s not for you (repeat)

Verse One
It started off quite simple, see beats for cheese
Hope you never thought the beats was free, come on
My man D hooked a job out on Pico B
Said he doing some thangs, yo you rolling with me?
Aiight duke, I’m with it; it’s on again
I’ll drive, you get gas, pick you up at ten
Had this little white Sentra, no A/C
But that’s the dues that we pay, dawg don’t hate me
So we off to LA, city of dreams
But let me tell you this, it ain’t what it seems
They got more distractions then you’ve ever seen
You want satisfaction? Show ‘em your green
We started doing sessions, late night flow
Now I ain’t really stressin’, it ain’t my dough
But yo drama started kicking, and this ain’t Taebo
He like dawg, I think it’s time to go? I’m like whoa

Verse Two
See I was never in the hustle, I came to rap
But these cats that came to rap came with wraps
Beef in the studio, they came to scrap
Book a 10 hour session and it came with straps
I’m in the booth for a track trying to coach a cat
Run it back, trying to get his vocals up to match
But his boys came in trying to roast a cat
Yelling, hey yo dawg where the toasters at?
Look man, do your dirt, but keep it separated
This? This is work, and y’all ain’t even made it
I know your money ain’t clean just yet
So uh don’t go and make a scene just yet
Look this’ your ticket, get on the train
Dawg, I know it’s hard, but try to maintain
You don’t want to do the time for blowing his brains
So get back to this music and do some thangs

So serious, so serious
This game got me delirious
So serious, so serious
Come on get it cracking baby, one mo’ gin

Verse Three
Now days I sit back, reflect a bit
And just ponder – yo was it worth the trip?
If I could turn back the hands, I’d do it again
Stay focused like I’m turning a lens
Still, I can’t say that I’d do it the same
Who knows, maybe I’d do it for fame (yeah right)
I can stay underground, but what’s in a name
Tell you this I wouldn’t do it for dames (that’s word)
Cause broads a get you mixed up; gatted and picked up
You should’ve went big bucks, counted your chips up
You? You tricked up off getting your – sucked
See that’s how you trip up, thinking of quick nuts
Me? I’m all in it no tragedy dawg
I save, while you spend it on these raggedy broads
And when I lay down the mic, I’ma still be nice
While you’re still gotta tour, cause you can’t eat right
I’ll be chilling in Cape Town, putting my cake down
Y’all want to hate now, knowing I’m straight now
I guess you should’ve planned thangs better
You been talking about “one day” forever

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