Get Real

<a href="">Get Real by Ill City</a>

I’m from the land of the loose girls and MySpace thugs
Suburban, USA thought you knew what it was
Yeah we stay fronting fake doing it up
Yeah we play stunting ain’t moving them bucks
I let my pants hang low (hang low)
So what that probably means that you work up at Krispy Kreme
Yeah save your little checks for some kicks and jeans
You trying get right, like Whitney clean
But hows that’s to work out with all these Bobby’s?
Yeah they out waiting for you down in the lobby
And all y’all look like some carbon copies
Same fitted, brand new — but still so sloppy
Hate to put it your face, but come on dawg
Spent a grand now you acting like you bought the mall
Get your game face on this ain’t hard to call
Last play on you, run it back, let’s ball

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