Go Baby Go

<a href="http://music.illcity.com/track/go-baby-go">Go Baby Go by Ill City</a>

Go baby go (why don’t you) [x3]
We talking bubbling, bubbling but look why is we struggling (hey)

Verse One
Aspirations of a baller, pimping slow and chasing dollars
Now that’s what I used to follow, now I’m focsued on tomorrow
Guess I’m getting kinda older, and well you can keep them boulders
Yeah the pots and baking soda, never sleeping, thought I told ya
This is City, Arizona all the way to up to Tacoma
Run it back you know story get some work and find a couple soldiers
Now every day you hustling, but the weight is on your shoulders
Half your crew end up dead and your folk in a coma (for real)

Verse Two
Now my man Big Money well he playing with them monkey bars
In and out the zoo just to push a couple money cars
Then just out the blue I heard he caught another charge
Say it’s not true, who gone help his son tomorrow?
I don’t know, baby momma got another dude
Ain’t stuttin’ little man now guess who got an attitude?
When little man grows up, what you think he chasing?
He Big Money Jr. now what you think he facing? (hey)

Verse Three
Now my girl Little Eden, man she sucking on that light pole
Just the other day she was talking how she might go
Move out to Texas, and change up her life yo
But, then turned robbed O and smoked up the night slow
Can’t believe it – met her on the Red Line
Only seventeen, said she want to be a star
But when you can’t see it, well that’s when it’s bedtime
Hope she clean up, life will leave you with some scars

Verse Four
You got a big flat screen it’s whole bunch of inches
Twenty-something rims and oh yeah not to mention
Got some hot clothes and them kicks get attention
While the cats on the block, they all penny pinching
You balling home boy, let your grill just shine
That’s ignorant dog, but you don’t mind
Get your paper homeboy, that’s all fine
But that paper (listen) won’t help you all the time

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