Green Light

<a href="">Green Light by Ill City</a>

Verse One
Lights, camera action, time for reaction
Yes, yes I’m back y’all, no more distractions
I got this here, now y’all keep relaxing
Yeah I been alright, hey thank y’all for asking
But enough of the intros let’s get things cracking
Just got off a flight, SEATAC Alaskan
Still riding coach, but your boys still basking
In the fact when I get that urge I’m not asking
I just do it like them boys down in Beaverton (uh)
That’s N-I-K-E, y’all still got to pay me
Yeah I did it for the love, but I can’t let you play me
That’s figurative, flow like a river is, my vibe is derivative
So pick up some Ill City futures
Shorting is not an option, but do whatever suits you
Yeah, I got this sewed up like surgical sutures
So to the haters I’m thinking man the nerve of these losers

Red light (stop), green light (go)
I can’t stopping running I feel so alive
Red light (red light), green light (go)
You can’t let go when you know its right

Verse Two
They say it’s all about perception, but that’s partly a deception
Cause they peddling perfection, but when you see your reflection
You miss the connection, and here comes rejection
You’re not the exception, we all need corrections
But they gone on keep selling it if there’s no objection
So they measuring impressions and your recollection
They can’t get through if there’s no reception
So just don’t listen, I call that aural contraception
And look, while we’ve wrapped up elections
The blues and the reds still vying for your affection
Like crips and the bloods at the same intersection
They recruiting new members, you need that protection
Ron Paul said there’s hope for America
I hope so man cause no hope? that’ll wear at ya
But when I look around I question our character
It’s not left or the right, but a call to unite (let’s go)

What are the things you must do?
Not to get paid, not for recognition
But because they calls you inside
See for those things there are no red lights
It’s all systems go, full speed ahead
There is no other decision, but to get it in
Green light

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