<a href="">Grinding by Ill City</a>

Y’all don’t be grinding, stop your lying
Probably not my place for me to be prying
But it seems like y’all ain’t even trying
Keep on selling it, but I ain’t buying (y’all don’t be grinding)

Verse One
My dude said that he working on a mixtape
But that was like four months ago
Said he had to pause, let his money get straight
But really he don’t want to be uncomfortable
Cause his kicks look clean
But his mind is not ready (oh no)
Cause if you want to get green
Then that gear is just petty (for sure)
Now if you say you got a plan to be a better man
But still wasting time on the TV
Or stay up in the club with a drink in your hand
Well maybe that’s why you still can’t see me
Yeah I’m doing it, and doing it, and doing it well
Should I double back slow and print it in braille?
You see I lock myself in, stay low for a spell
Pop up with a story to tell (but y’all)

Verse Two
Work smart, not harder
But do both and you might get a part of
That dream that sometime seems so elusive
And this is oh so exclusive
Cause some folks do a little something
And then they run off quick to take a break
There’s plenty working hard, that’s not enough man
Get back quick, there’s no time to skate
Hype don’t sell for long
Either you execute or you go home
And that’s so hard when you’re not in the zone
So put the Xbox down and let’s get it on
Still there are those, who love to complain
But ain’t doing the things that probably could change
Get ‘em out of this rain, and back on the train
But for them see the fact remains

They don’t be grinding, tell them stop they lying
Probably not our place for us to be prying
But it seems like they ain’t even trying
They keep on selling it, but we ain’t buying (they don’t be grinding)

Hey, bounce a little bit more and we gone get this straight

Ill City (IC): Yo what up man?
The Grinder (TG): Yo I’m out here grinding son. It’s a drought in these streets, but I gotta get my paper. I been on this corner for three days. Don’t tell me I don’t be grinding.
IC: How much you make in the last three days?
TG: Yo it’s rough out here man! That’s why I stay on the block. But two months ago I had 10 grand in my hand. It was a good week.
IC: Um, but on average, how much do you make each week?
TG: It’s a roller coaster baby. You gotta have your mind right to get in this game.
IC: Hmm okay so what did you do with that 10 grand?
TG: Hahaha. We made it rain in the club baby. We made it rain in the club!
IC: 10 grand? You could pay for some school with that.
TG: Look old school, I need big paper. Okay?
IC: But you’re not making big paper.
TG: That’s why I’m out here grinding!
IC: Wow. Wow.

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