Hello World

<a href="http://music.illcity.com/track/hello-world">Hello World by Ill City</a>

Verse One
It’s been a long time coming, a long time running
A long time telling folks I’ma be something
That’s a long time chasing, a long time facing
The fact that I really need way more patience
And just in a blink when I think that it’s over
A little voice whispers right over my shoulder
This is no different from life as a soldier
So then I suit up, and get right like I told ya
But after this fronting like y’all can’t touch me
The fact of the matter I ain’t let y’all touch me
Nervous of the fact that it might get ugly
And scared of the fact that y’all might not love me
So I built up walls so the rest couldn’t see
That all these flaws was just tearing at me
But I finally grew up enough to let that be
Now it’s a brand new day, and I can finally breath (hello world)

Sometimes it might feel oh so far away
And how it ends, well now that’s hard to say
But I’ll be back soon, and we can talk for days
It’s not good bye, it’s hello, hello world (hello world)

Verse Two
Man I miss Italy, best mozzarella in Rome
Is you kidding me? yes this fella could roam
I’m at Kennedy, next plane out and I’m gone
But after ten of these take me home
Me no want to try lie, I been oh so hot
Summer time in the zone, but that’s still my spot
I tell you want I’m on, 3-4 and a lot
And when things get slow I want to punch the clock
So here lies conundrums, and thoughts to ponder
Trying to get in one accord like a brand new Honda
Funny how the winds blows yes indeed
Your favorite Gemini got a brand new steez
Now I’m trying to grow up and fight this neotony
But man, I can’t stand that monotony
Hand cuffed off a piece of property
Nope told you last time ain’t no stopping me

Verse Three
Now I shook the 9-to-5, but who would’ve known
That the grass ain’t greener when you sitting at home
This is prime time y’all and I need to roam
Even if that means I need to bloom alone
So it’s peace to the palm trees, no hard feelings
Hope y’all understand I don’t want to be the villain
I got one life, and man it’s worth living
Yes, that comes at a price and your boy’s so driven
I got cities to see, and new things to do
And I’m not really sure what that means to you
And I’m not really sure but I think a few
Of the turns that I make they could change this dude
For the better, so instead of getting cheddar because
I’d rather take my energy and do what I love
So allow me to reintroduce myself
Yeah your boy is back, I hope the truth is felt (hello world)

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