Here We Go Again

<a href="">Here We Go Again by Ill City</a>

I went to find the music, it seems it ran away
I never thought I’d lose it, but now it’s here to stay

Verse One
Let’s give another go round, beats, raps on that merry go
iPods, phones, these tracks on your stereo
I got songs y’all ain’t even ready for
Brother hold it down, Wii super like Mario
So here we go, I’m back fully energized
And presto, yes bro, I fully realize
I gotta be successful with stakes this high
But this is i-double, was you really that surprised
That’s more rhetorical, slightly metaphorical
Point is I trend up, check historicals
Not quite the oracle, but bet Larry Ellison
Could use my intelligence, search for the relevance
Should I make another one? Like too many aspirins
Could they take another one? Questions I be asking
Learn from the past, but don’t dwell on the past tense
Nah, it’s time to eat, nuff fasting

Here we go again, tell a couple friends
City back on it, that paper and the pen
Album number four, this is how it begins
Get ready for the show we fina get it in

Verse Two
I’m still up in the emerald, searching for a better me
People calling up, mostly ask how the weather be
Still get in, yup stay up on my cheddar cheese
Last year? A maze, big funk, Frankie Beverly
But I vibed heavily, bounced back steadily
Now I’m all in, back up to my pedigree
Don’t sell tracks these days, but never mind it
I’m cash flow positive without the consignment
Can’t catch a brick, that’s how I designed it
I’m big on the Internet, they love to rewind it
Don’t wear a watch, but watch this I’m timeless
In the future talking where y’all find this?
And on the low, yo I’m one of the finest
Maybe not rapping, but trust I shine this
Is so basic, so close I can taste it
And if they can’t see that they might need Lasik

  • mac

    great song bro

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