How To Fish

<a href="">How To Fish by Ill City</a>

Car keys check (hey), fly crib check (hey)
Airplane hopping to the beach no sweat (oh)
Paid off debt, is she done? not yet
Hope he like her independent ’cause that what’s he’s gone get (what)

Verse One
Get your school books mommy it’s cold in the winter
Yes class is session, this is not for beginners
This the master class to master cash
Yeah greenbacks baby and results is crazy
You can wait for a baller, but I guarantee
Half way through my course and you’ll be thanking me
It’s not a shortcut method, but well respected
If you see the thing through you’ll be well invested
Here we go, first lesson up lose the losers
Girl they just users, benefit abusers
At the same time listen up shake the haters
They call they self friends, but they some fakers
Get your squad down to two or three preferably fam
Unless your fam got you out there chasing a man
And when you done with the layoffs don’t hire ‘em back
Dead wieght don’t float, and it’s as simple as that (come on)

Verse Two
Now you sitting home alone and you’re feeling kind of bad so
You call up an old flame, release the tadpole
Back to aspiration, maybe you up in a lab coat
You need four ingredients free time and cash flow
Motivation and a plan don’t be bashful
Focus on you and don’t worry about that dude
Couple misteps? Girl, that’s just a bad tooth
Pull it out quick, this is progress, it’s past due
Next up simple, scrap the potentials
Shoot for the winners girl, it’s all quite simple
Hey no fixers uppers, nope they can’t ride
Cause if you stepped up you well he can’t slide
Live on your on own for a while, (yes, yes) you run it
Get your credit cleaned up if you below 700
Put the credit cards down, get your savings plan up
Yeah that compound interest equals real big bucks (you know)

Verse Three
Skip the baby showers, kids won’t remember Graco
But twenty years later they can use a couple pesos
Don’t forget to work out and lay off the queso
Hang up the phone, and be cool with that Seiko
When the mind get’s right, and your health’s in shape (hey)
Money in line and your family’s straight (hey)
Who gone really tell you to fix they plate?
Don’t he know you got a big presentation to make?
Okay now let’s review, first cut down the crew
Then figure what you (yes) really want to go do
Then broadcast the truth and attract the real
And don’t take first briefcase, deal or no deal
Now you might say you already knew that huh?
But tell me this, do you really do that huh?
Now you got a little homework, hope you still with me
Until the next class this is Dr. Phil City (hey)

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