I Still Rap

<a href="http://music.illcity.com/track/i-still-rap">I Still Rap by Ill City</a>

Uh, uh let’s go, I’m back up in it
Took a breath, now I’m fresh and back to bidness
Nothing less than the best, watch eyes get squinted
‘Cause they still can’t see, I tried to tint it
My bad, who knew I’d last the scrimmage
Let alone get it on and lead the finish
Line by line yes I’m a clutch to win it
‘Cause I still pop eyes like I’m off the spinach
I don’t mean boxing, but I get down
Yes I’m still out foxing all you hounds
You just a little Daschund, and I’m hot dog
That i-double-l he’ll knock your socks off (uh)
And I’m for sure trying to double the vault
Cause its cash on hand when the others default
Man most cats lazy, just loving the talk
So I take they words with a shovel of salt
I’m a M16, but I don’t bang
I read they little books and learned a couple thangs
You might been sleeping, I won’t test ya
But if you missed econ, here’s a refresher
When I talk production, don’t mean beats
But need an introduction? Check the streets
Yeah, distribution and over consumption
Hey, that’s the basics, now watch it all function
Yes, y’all rapping about guns and hoes
But stop little homie, you’re overexposed
There’s too much supply and no demand
So you can floss if you want, but it’s just a sham
Cause how much they really gone pay for them songs?
The price point is free and your buyers all gone
You mixtape rappers, I knew it all along
You selling on hype, but it don’t last long
This is city boy, I’m hot to death
And if you ain’t heard, I’m rocking this
I’m moving those 1s and 0s
Yeah they call ‘em bits, we, we call ‘em chips (si)
So baby dip, like salsa girl
Pick up the Pace, now watch me twirl
I’m silly right? I know I’m is
I brought jokes to the party, and they love the kid
Stopped drinking grape soda and chips for a quarter
And a litany of things that might go ruin my kidneys
When people ask how come, I say you kidding me
Purple drink is crack, the epitome
I’m Michael Phelps of the freestyle, we could do some laps
And I’m nice off the beat that’s a matter of fact
You might see me in the streets in a polo and khaks
But don’t get it twisted homie, I still rap

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