<a href="http://music.illcity.com/track/ignorant">Ignorant by Ill City</a>

They got your number baby
They got you feeling good
They got you chasing something
They got you claiming hoods
They got you spending money
They got you got
They got you ignorant, ignorant (don’t do it)

Verse One
I want wear my pants so low when I walk gotta hold ‘em up (hmph) with one hand
I want to rock a fresh white tee, till they just might be way over these pants
I want to go get my check, spend my dough, and give it back to that man
I want to be ignorant (ignorant)
I want a new 300 with some big rims on it and some fresh leather seats
I want to just cut through the line, valet at the club, and trick VIP
I want to just boss on the block, get hot, when I only really make 30G’s
I want to be ignorant (ignorant)
I want two baby mommas, girl on the side and more drama than soaps
So when one start tripping, I can pack my bags, have a quick place to roll
I let her momma buy the Huggies, cause they cost money and I’m short on my dough
I want to be ignorant (ignorant) (let’s go, uh huh)

Verse Two
She want shop at the outlet mall then go spend three times as much (much)
She need new black boots to match her black suit cause the old one’s is scuffed (scuffed)
She got a brand new bag she charged last week, but not like this clutch (clutch)
She acting ignorant (ignorant)
She want spend $150 on her hair even though she only make $405
She got a new bed set nice with a head rest, but not gas for the ride
she got so many minutes on her phone that they probably should have gave her a prize
She acting ignorant (ignorant)
She want to lay down with that man after he told her that he loved her
Little baby wasn’t part of that plan, but it’s funny when two folks under covers
She stuck by when he went broke and even when he shoved her
She acting ignorant (ignorant) (come on)

Look at you, always reading them books boy. I don’t read no books. I watch television. It’s like a summary. It can take me wherever I need to go. That’s why I ain’t never been on no plane. I just watch TV. I don’t mess with that Internet either. My nephew was on that Internet — the government came and kidnapped him. When he came back he wasn’t never the same. Now put that book down boy and let’s eat some BBQ. Cocoa make me another Hennessy. You know I cut my Hennessy with the diet Coke cause I got the bad sugar. Want to see my new car? Got some rims on it. (umph)

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