I’m Addicted

Verse One
When I wake up, the first I do?
Not brush my teeth, not hit that loo
I check my email so I’m not restless
And then it’s new tab, my RSS is
Is so updated, I like it real time
Almost embarrassed to go reveal my
Web addiction, they call me F5
Mr. Refresh don’t get my left side
To start connecting ‘cause I’ll be up late
Start inspecting just one more page
Is this reflection on how I relate?
Or just some insight to OCD traits?
I don’t know but I will say this much
It’s so hard to go replace this rush
I tried hiking, reading, biking
Nah, no deal bruh, not up to my liking
Yeah I’m addicted (hey, yeah) can’t give this up (hey, yeah)
So I’m conflicted (hey, yeah), can we unplug? (hey, yeah)

Verse Two
When I go on vacay without my mobile
Man that first day I just go wild
Plus no netbook, thumb drive, no files
I get antsy, on edge, no smile
But then I sit back and I calm down
Tell myself, homie move it along now
But yeah still it piles up
Hit that cafe ‘cause they got dial-up
I might Bing it, but I don’t G though
‘Cause my sponsor bought me Cheetos
And plus they paid me to go and surf that
Call it research, that’s how I worked that
Don’t do MySpace that’s Baltic Ave
But my Facebook it’s off the map
And that bird site got me tweeting
IDK, man I should’ve been sleeping

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