I’m So Mobile

I’m so mobile
I’m ready to go
And if you with that
Then let me know

Verse One
I’m so mobile, It’s no surprise
That I promo the friendly skies
Might roll solo or get my guys
Call me local, now that’s a lie
I start walking brand new places
Find new food, brand new tastes
I like watching brand new faces
Now they stopping, said I look famous
Then they take me to where they hang at
Where they dance at, where they sang at
And it’s okay, I don’t speak their language
Find new friends in perfect strangers
And I’m so gone, like a sailor
When I go roam like a freighter
When I get home I’m back on paper
My carbon footprint, we’ll get that later

Verse Two
I put in work, but do they need me
That depends, first why they keep me?
They could replace me, but not too easy
Still I save in case they get greasy
So I’m a roller, or maybe gypsy
I been all over, sometimes ritzy
Sometimes Grover and not so glitzy
But like I told you, this is City
I might rat pack, but I don’t Bogart
I don’t back pack, but I go hard
I’m no pack rat, I just discard
Now I’m back packed, grab your guitars
‘Cause we singing, let’s go searching
Now I’m zinging across the earth and
Not for meaning, or something surface
But changing scenes so I can live my purpose

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