In The Middle

Verse One
They still call me school boy, I don’t really mind though
This Corporate American, still got some lines so
When you see me late dipping in and out of studios
Don’t start to hate I ain’t acting out a movie soooooo…
This is real life, I would not rewind
I get paid to think, write and speak my mind
Dine on their dime, frequent flying
So if you ask, yes I’m doing just fine
But that don’t mean I don’t want to rhyme
And that don’t mean I’m off kissing they behind
And that don’t mean that I came for the shine
Or that I can’t cut loose from time to time
Now don’t catch me lying I was sho nuff trying
To get their attention, and go and get signed
But the folks with the budgets said he past his prime
They politely declined, that’s when I resigned
To do this on my own, got back on the grind
And keep the whole pie, like a whole key lime
My uptime? So five nines
The bottom line? I’m one of a kind

And I found myself (whoa, oh)
Somewhere in the middle (yeah)

Verse Two
Boy you should grow up! And what, follow your path?
Please, I could count the reasons quick with no math
I stay mobile, moving like a nomad
Demand attention when I talk like I’m your dad
At first with Tammy my family was so glad
But I was like, wow why I feel so sad?
I did it anyway, walked down with no nads
Ended up on Frye Road, keyboard and four bags
Turns out I could still sit in your class
And do more than get by and go pass
But I’m different, and even when they don’t ask
I don’t really see the world through your glass
That’s the answer, we’re not the same people
But we can take different paths and still be equal
I’m back on this music, lethal
While most gave up I got ‘em looking for the sequel
And I ain’t do this for ego
But the booth keep me soaring like an eagle
Best high I could find that’s legal
So I stay inside, not looking through the key hole
And these days don’t align myself
With those things that might misalign my health (yeah)
Just take a breath and remind myself (hey)
In the middle sometimes where I find myself

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