Let’s Get Free

<a href="http://music.illcity.com/track/lets-get-free">Let&#8217;s Get Free by Ill City</a>

Okay. Come on. That’s it.

Pick Up
Let it go, oh yup here we go again
One more, dip slow here we go again

Verse One
I was in Atlanta, Georgia just a couple weeks ago
And I heard that it was popping, and so yes I had to go
Now I stopped to ask directions, just an ordinary Joe
And he said, “Hey boy what you doing ’round here?” (what!)
“Yeah, what you doing ’round here for?”

Stop now, run it on back (oh wow) what, we still on that?
Hey, just cause it’s not in your home don’t mean that it’s not going on

Let’s get free, free, free just let these haters be
Let’s get free, I’m gone start it off with me

Verse Two
I was down in California, just a couple months ago
And that’s where I get it popping, and so yes I had to go
Now I stepped out to this party, everybody’s doing blow
And they looking at me funny cause I’m passing up the show (whoa)

Verse Three
I was here in Arizona, cause hey this where I stay
And it’s not really popping, but you can come and make some cake
Now I saw these big ol’ burners you might call them SUVs
Just to show they baby balling, they burn up them MPGs (hey)

I’m still here in Arizona. I-Double-L. O. You crazy.

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