Let’s Go

<a href="http://music.illcity.com/track/lets-go">Let&#8217;s Go by Ill City</a>

Previously on Ill City. The only story I got is mine. Man “New School Clothes” still selling, imagine that. I almost didn’t put “Let’s Get Free” on the album you know it was a little different. I tell you this I really do love the process

I know it’s sometimes crazy
But I see that sunshine baby
And this ain’t a movement
But we gone get back to the music (now let’s go)

This A&R told me to fix my songs
More up tempos and quick hit songs
Pack those clubs yes all night long
But I can’t fix what’s just not wrong

See he just looking for a holiday bonus
After they sign me he probably won’t notice
Lost in the shuffle then they drop me fast
That’s okay well I’ll just pass

So I sit here low key no budget
And it’s alright gatekeepers won’t touch it
I sleep at night knowing what I published
Reached real people and yes they loved it

Still got a day job and I don’t mind
Your boy’s up in Redmond and that’s just fine
I never gave up, yes I’m still trying
Just in time to reach my prime

The maturation of the man, it’s hard to understand
I started with a plan and look at hear I am (hey)
I remember one night on a trip to Casa Grande
It seemed so far, but now I’ve been to Japan

And after these trips man I just can’t see
How I’m supposed to get hype off a color TV
Yes this my life, I live in HD
So welcome to the album – walk with me (now here we go)

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