Live Off Rap Money

<a href="">Live Off Rap Money by Ill City</a>

Verse One
I know a couple cats, that spit sicker than me
But they ain’t selling no records, that’s the difference you see
They spit blah, blah, blah ripping emcees
I’m selling the experience – come kick it with me
I ain’t talking ’bout platinum or even gold
I’m talking more like four, five thousand sold
But hey nothing to recoup, there’s nothing owed
In a game full of pimps, I don’t get hoed
So y’all stop your rambling and show me the product
Next month you still scrambling, and still ain’t drop it
You playing high risk gambling, I’ll show you the profit
And when I see you in the street with ten dollars I got it
That’s right 10 times 5K – $50G’s
Four times a year – 200 for me
Less expenses that leaves about 40 a piece
Off that 160 grand bet your shorty could eat

I’m not selling half-price to retail (nope)
I’m not paying third parties for the radio (please)
The industry hate my kind, we change the times
But guess what? (yup) They still got to pay me though

Hook Stack
Play my song on the radio, sell my joint in the store (repeat)

Verse Two
I’m a serial entrepreneur, can you say this?
Lying to them broads – barely holding your day gig
Early in the morning to that 9-5
Now you wonder why you tracks ain’t as live as mine
Whoa – something to smoke on, that’s what I give y’all
You won’t be broke long, just follow this y’all
I’ll show you real dough – that spend it slow kind
It’s up to you dawg, I’ll help you co-sign
It’s really simple see, follow these four steps
Starting off you got to be managing your debt
Cash is king and though cash’ll bring
Couple rides, couple broads, and some diamond rings you gotta
Keep your head straight – that’s number two man
You holding dead weight? Well new crew man
Number three – self sustain
You ain’t gotta pay nobody if you’re up on your game
Number four – remember, remember what you’re selling
Not that cheap CD, but a story worth telling
You could make twenty joints full of club tracks
But if spit what you know they gone love that

Verse Three
Now your next door neighbor got a basement dog?
And like you, he just need that first placement dog
That’s cool keep your head up, but face it dog
20 Grand a track – is you wasted dog?
I seen budgets for them no name cats
Just imagine what they gone pay for your lame tracks
Oh my bad – it’s just not mixed right
Whatever dawg, learn your trade – get your kicks right
And if you want to make some real dough
You better lock up your region and convert the heathens
And all you beat makers who don’t produce
Get your weight up before you try to run the booth
It’s a simple game, but most don’t want to run it
They trying to skip steps and that just won’t cut it
Unless you in the street and your money is long
Better take this recipe and start mixing a song (yeah)

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