Mister Sugar Pop

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Sugar, poppin, lockin’, yeah
But it feels so good

Mister, mister can I get a hit
Mister, mister just a little bit
Mister, mister I’m so high (oh you get me high)
But I need a little more just to get by

Verse One
Mister Sugar Pop, he live in Cincinnati
Check out his spot, ain’t living too shabbyHis folk stay close like your favorite golf caddy
And on his block they want it so badly
He got the red, green, blues and whites
Its so easy, name your price
Matter fact if you’re broke you can still get nice
Matter fact if you’re broke he could change your life
He got good distribution
A little treat for the evening – that’s what he’s pushing
Looks so good can’t control yourself
Plus the days been long – you owe yourself
But, after the highs comes the lows
That’s just the way this dope game goes
And I ain’t even here talking blow
But the stakes is high, this is major dough

Verse Two
Mister Sugar Pop got a brand new hustle
Followed up by some brand new muscle
Drink it up (yeah) tell me what that rush do
Oh, now I’m up – Hey, pour another cup (ooh)
If you ain’t following the dope that we swallowing
I hope you ain’t wallowing and off the wagon
I get high for a dollar man, tell me who I’m bothering?
Building up a tolerance, eyes are sagging
I ain’t on the street smoking the pipe
So why you hassling me? I’m gone be aright
So I gained a couple of pounds and my pants is tight
What you don’t understand is it’s still a vice
We ain’t talking ’bout weed, drank, or base
Talking high fructose, caffeine and cake
Yeah Mister Sugar Pop sell it by the case
Trying to get us all hooked when we get that taste

Verse Three
I watch ‘em get in line for Starbucks twice a dayAnd then they talk about the war on drugs in America The drugs are right here people. Listen.
Sugar rush or caffeine high
Just enough to get me by
Sounds like the making of an addict
We let it slide ’cause it seems so average
Obese children all they see
Is the fun, fast, food on that color TV
Mister Sugar Pop? Colluding with the cops
That’s the government and it won’t stop
This is big business without the needles
Hey, it don’t matter if we kill some people
And that’s they choice – we ain’t evil
Let’s wake up y’all, this is lethal

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