New School Clothes

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I remember when I was in 8th grade, I had this Converse t-shirt. It was the closest thing that I had to a brand name so I’d rock it like twice a week. This one girl said, “You wear that shirt all the time. Is that the only clothes you have?” What I’m supposed to say? Kids speak the truth. I was hurt, but I keep my head up now.

Verse One
They said we never struggled, well I can’t tell
But we invested in ourselves, and the stock ain’t fell
From Chi to Virginia, we just hopped the L
But my mom starting crying, saying pops ain’t well
So it’s back to Arizona on a discharge
Now my parents never went and let their kids starve
But I was thinking, if life was really this hard
Hey God, could we please skip this part?
My pops, they had him cut – tore his frame apart
Our neighbors they got murdered, things came apart
Still I watched, hoping for my favorite part
They foreclosed on our house, we in a trailer park
Whoa, don’t the projects, but know the mentality
How these crabs want to pull you like gravity
And what I look like, Black kid hanging with these white folks
But when you’re all broke, no reason to spite folks

Maybe you could run a mile much faster than me
Maybe you could talk about all the places you’ve seen
Maybe you could buy some things that I’ll never own
But me I’m still smiling with my school clothes on

Verse Two
Now the days started passing in this Queen Creek mobile home
What I started asking, was this mean streak rolling on
Living alright – we had clean sheets, come on homes
But no fine steaks, or baggetts with the provolone
TV’s broke, so I just listen to the radio
See these hopes, they kept me from going crazy yo
See “we folks” get creative when it’s rainy yo
And I was looking for ways for folks to pay me slow
Shared my room with my sister, you would think it’s a box
No twin sized beds, we was sleeping on cots
I guess them days had us hoping for better, who knew
Little struggle bring us closer together – too true
Now I know people got it worse off somewhere
And I know children starving and lost somewhere
But come y’all this is me right here
I’m trying to deal with what I got, and we right here

Verse Three
I’ve been broker than broke, so I could loose it all
I understand your motivation if you choose to ball
You want to show the whole world, hey y’all I’m doing it now
But look it don’t matter, yeah you doing it – wow
I live for my freedom, so let me breath
I got hopes if you need ‘em, they can set you free
But back to the story, okay – is you with me?
We saved a little dough to move back to the city
Pops got a VA loan, oh we doing it
Moved up to East Lynne Lane, who you fooling with?
Wasn’t really ghetto, but wasn’t the burbs
Wasn’t that mellow, but it wasn’t the worse
That’s where I learned the beats and the flow
But that trailer park that’s where I learned to grow
I say thanks to my dad for the Nu Soul
And my moms for making sure we had school clothes

You know when you have your new school clothes on you’re ready to take on the world. Your confidence is high, you looking good. You got your hair done on Saturday. It’s Monday morning, you walk through those school doors, and you think anything is possible. I keep my swagger with me and treat everyday like I’m rocking new school clothes.

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