Off The Pole

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I want to thank you all for coming out. This is the hotspot, welcome to the Candy Lounge. Next up is Peaches. Now I know you getting nice, so make sure you’re tipping right. The waitresses are coming round.

Verse One
Hair pulled back, flip flops, pink velour
Baby Phat phone in the Coach on the floor
In a CL coupe that she can’t afford
But the smell of new money’s pouring through her pores
With a big dough fetish she can smell a trick
Throw a little something at him then tell him quick
I’m yours – she don’t think she selling it
Now we all know the truth, but that’s irrelevant
She might be a small town thick trailer chick
Or a PJ rider on that paper kick
Or a goodie-good girl who be fakin’ it
So her mom’s don’t be knowing that she’s shaking it
She start doing X just to get on the stage
Now that mood elevator keep her itching for days
That gateway to heaven got her blowing away
And it’s all an illusion as she’s floating away

Off the pole, she still making money for sho’
Off the pole, she sho’ll ain’t spending it slow
Off the pole, her body still fiends for cash
Off the pole, she living life way too fast

Verse Two
Went to college for a year, well maybe a half
But you could tell the first week it couldn’t have last
Read an ad in the paper – said dance for cash
A month later she they favorite one to shake fast
Her home girl is the waitress, and they love to hang
Old dudes with some paper love to put ‘em on planes
Half a week out in Vegas then MIA
They walking South Beach like you in my way
It don’t matter what the city, but when she get back
Her money gone like the cash from your income tax
And that makes no sense, kinda silly in fact
How you spending they money and come back strapped?
But there’s solace in the pole and that ebony floor
It be calling out her name when she’s ready to go
Drop it down to the ground like a ’74
Take a break, pop a pill now she ready for more

Verse Three
She be up in Scottsdaley, two-waying her celly
All cash when she shopping, no time for tellies
Butterfly on her back, platinum ring in her belly
Came a long way from sun dresses, knee highs, and jellies
Wanted to be a lawyer never got back to school
“Settled down”, had a kid with one of them dudes
Went suburban on them hoes, the desperate wives never knew
That she used to get buck for a dollar or two
But her one-time time baller man lost his cash
And right then and there she said this ain’t gone last
Still had a couple cats from like back in the past
But her habit had her burning through ‘em way too fast
Left her son with her momma, as the pole called back
But the new girls had it locked and yes they all that
Ran through a few cities all across the map
Now she live in Hollywood left working the track

Excuse me, we have a quick announcement. Will the owner of a black Expedition with California plates please come to the front door? That’s a black Expedition California plates. Some crazy broad has just busted out your front windshield. I don’t what you did, but keep the drama at home. Yes playa, keep the drama at home. You should’ve parked valet. This is the Candy Lounge – 2-for-1 Long Islands for the next hour. And don’t forget keep on tipping.

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