Paper Chasin’

<a href="">Paper Chasin&#8217; by Ill City</a>

If we paper chasing just to make a couple dollars
Then I’m thinking that we’re wasting our time (yeah)
But if the inspiration is the drive and motivation
Making change, well then I’m thinking we’re fine

Verse One
First off its still Shakes from AZ
Home of big meth, flat lands, and crazies
Where folks love to talk, but plans is hazy
So when it don’t pop off it don’t amaze me
Ya’ll run your mouth, I got work to do
Gotta get my paper right
And you chickens, I ain’t got time to jerk wit you
Got to keep that focus tight
Now I don’t make dough, put it in they face
Keep that shine, jealous cats hate
I got mine, keep yours safe
Now don’t just grind, maintain pace
Now that’s just fine if you need flash
I’ll take mine in cold hard cash
Use that dough to build my staff
But you ain’t know, we gone blast

Verse Two
Now if money is the root, but I’m trying to get paid
Then the devil got me loose in the funniest way
I smell contradiction and old convictions
I justify it all with a short description
I’m trying to wake up with no commitments (yeah)
No trade offs and no contingents
Notes paid off, with no assistance
With more days off, to keep on living (hey)
I can’t breathe, if I’m tapped out
You can’t leave, cards maxed out
Up my sleeve? Plans, mapped out
So roll with me, and let’s get out
Cause, daddy got Chip on a program
And he gone grind it out like a slow jam
And I’m watching
They should’ve never let me come through the door man

Come along with me
Sing a song with me
If we chasing, what we chasing it for (ooh)
Come along with me
Sing a song with me
If we working what we working it for (ooh)
Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah (hahaha)

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