Places I’ve Seen

<a href="">Places I&#8217;ve Seen by Ill City</a>

Now from down in Arizona, way up to Chicago
DC and Virginia, Memphis, Colorado
Southern California, talking ’bout the places I’ve seen
Come take a walk (with me)

Verse One
Now when they ask where I’m from sometimes I pause
Cause I ain’t really from one place at all
And that don’t really help when you rapping dawg
No block to claim, no spot to call
Home sweet home, still I roam
This USA, come walk with me
And take a little trip, just a little trip
Pack a little bag, and ride for a bit (yeah)
First look, it’s all so different
Second time, it’s all the same
Cause hey look, we all just living
Trying to make two pennies and find our way (yeah)
But if your home base is really the greatest
Well that’s cool, do your thang
But look here, you can’t hate this
Just ’cause we came with some different slang

Verse Two
Now my man in New York, say its all New York
And my girl in LA, say its all LA
Or maybe your city got a major sport
But if it ain’t top five what you supposed to say?
Hey, middle America needs a little character
So they say they city is harder than mine
Or little Erika buys Esoterica
Rubs it on her face, yeah we taught her the lies
Eyes wide shut now we can’t see
That the grass ain’t greener and the roads ain’t cleaner
And the media will tell us what we can’t be
Yeah, Mr. Bill Gates worth 50.3 (yes)
I say break up the cycle
Even if you don’t see people like you (ok)
‘Cause my block is where I make it
That’s my belief and (yeah) they can’t shake it

Yes, let’s go down the list. Chandler, Chapel Hill, Chicago, D.C, Flagstaff, Memphis, Norfolk, Philly, Phoenix, San Diego, Albuquerque, Atlanta, Atlantic City, Baltimore, Boston, Carbondale, Cincinnati, Colorado Springs, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Durham, Gainesville, Gary, Houston, Las Vegas, Lincoln, Little Rock, LA, Louisville, Madison, Maryland, Miami, Mississippi, Mohab, Nashville, New Orleans, New York City, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Raleigh, Richmond, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Fe, Seattle, St. Louis, St. Paul, Virginia, West Virginia, Wilmington, Bali, Cannes, Cape Town, Jamaica, Joberg, London, Madrid, Mexico, Ontario, Paris, Rome, Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto, Beijing, Hong Kong. And we still going.

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