Verse One
I guess Tiger was a man ho, just another cheetah
Running so fast chasing after those skeezers
Dipping round Vegas like I hope nobody sees us
Now he praying Jesus
And his straight laced fans like how you deceive us?
We supported you and this is how you treat us?
Yes, your boy was the daddy mack
Working on his stroke and he had ‘em in the caddy shack
Whoa, okay yeah I’ll stop
But look kids, the point is he forgot
He sold ‘em on the clean cut, now he up a river
‘Cause you fall so hard when you can’t go deliver
Don’t buy the ticket if you can’t watch the movie
So Ted Haggard with it, that’s so loony
Should’ve kept it real, Foxx, Mooney
And that’s why I keep it so George Clooney

If you could do it again
Would you keep it real or would you pretend (huh? what?)

Verse Two
She sitting with the in-laws smiling all big
Laughing all fake, while she take small digs
Baby don’t hate, them is both y’all kids
And you both signed up, yup that’s what y’all did
Oh, hold up let me rewind
I know a girl who be out all the time
Stay fronting’ steady on her last dime
Hoping that debit card don’t get declined
Stop lying, the mirrors and smoke
They not really friends if they won’t take you broke (yes)
Yup that’s how we need to deal with it (hey)
Just got to keep it real with it
Oh, and to my girls out there
Lying that, dying that, permed out there (yes)
I like it natural as well as your skin
So baby girl you don’t have to pretend (for real, let’s go)

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