Put It Down

<a href="http://music.illcity.com/track/put-it-down">Put It Down by Ill City</a>

Ain’t no stopping your boy he dropping
Yes, I keep putting it down

Verse One
I put it down, I pick it up, my voice I lift it up
I hear these wack cats rapping, they need to zip it up
My cake was getting lumpy I’m back to sift it up
Yes, City third person, you know he rip it up
It’s not quite tormented, but my plight’s augmented
With detours in it, plenty recourse in it
But I don’t lose sight, put my resource in it
Cause if it’s only one life tell me how you gone spend it?
Big as they gone let you, maybe even bigger cause
If you don’t take it then you getting what they giving us
Better than the average, nothing less accepted
Now I’m back on the track with the flow resurrected
These days is kinda hectic, but I don’t mind
Cause I can’t quite respect it if I don’t grind
The game’s anorexic, and we low on time
They said City’s been elected? Well okay fine

I put it down (down), I pick it up (up)

Verse Two
Look I’m still using old slang, like hey that’s hot
But don’t think old school can’t make this pop
I’m thinking so far ahead I can’t see the box
I got my mind so free I can’t see the locks
Sometimes I walk by and I hear my name
The keys calling me to come back and hit those thangs
It’s a brand new day, but some things don’t change
Sonic Boom, Outrajus, your boy remains
Everybody got a label but the game’s so musty
Cause Murder Kill Records ain’t selling dog trust me
Catch me on a bad day, worn out and rusty
And I’d still shut it down on these clowns with the sound
Man the regulars bore me, so regulatory
Look this is i-double-l, this ain’t no regular story
I tried to put it down, but I had to pick it up
Cause you can’t let it go when you feel it in your gut (what)

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