Rain IOUs

<a href="http://music.illcity.com/track/rain-ious">Rain IOUs by Ill City</a>

Hello. This is your man Tito Franks aka the playa’s playa aka the chairman of the ball aka the hedge fund manager to the streets aka Mr. Pound Cake. You know who it is. Now in light of today’s economy, ballers and boss players across world are being forced to cut back. Handing over the keys to the Bentley. Selling their ice. And cutting back to only two flat screen TVs. It’s a travesty the likes we haven’t seen since the Cadillac gas tax in ’76.

Now you as a boss playa may be thinking, I might have to make some changes too. Do what you have to, but let me help you out along the way. One of the places you may be overspending is in the club. Now it might sound sacrilegious, but you might have to cut down to one bottle of champagne per night. And when it comes time to make it rain. Well, that’s when you come to Tito Franks.

For a limited time the playa’s playa is offering rain IOUs to a select few of my baller brethren. This is how it works. You come to Tito Franks and I’ll give you up to hundred stacks of rain IOUs. Now Rain IOUs kind of look like money, but they ain’t real money. But you can still take a stack and make it rain in the club. And when you throw your rain IOUs in the air, gold diggers and strippers across the globe can continue to degrade themselves and scoop up that paper. Each Rain IOU is personalized with your personal contact information. Strippers can redeem the IOUs for cash once you have maximized your earning potential at a date to be determined in the future. Now you might still have to cut back in other places, but every little bit counts. And this is the chairman of the board’s way of giving a little something, something back.

They say it ain’t tricking if you got it. Now it ain’t tricking if you don’t. This is Tito Franks the playa’s playa saying keep balling and make sure you keep your hands off my strawberry lemonade.

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