Run Around

<a href="">Run Around by Ill City</a>

Don’t stop, get back, slow down
Try again, keep up, fall back, not now (hey)
They say jump, don’t see the reason
But I’m still not leaving, just tired of the run around

Verse One
Hi haters , hey people
Yeah I’m back y’all – this the sequel
Matter fact y’all this the prequel
We doing it like this in revenge of the Smith
Cause I’m still not convinced this is good as it gets
Ain’t walk through the door, but peeked over the fence
Saw the bride and the groom called dollars and sense
Had to crash that wedding like Owen and Vince
Cause I started this race stuck in a trench
See temp job hopping never made me rich
And that thin paycheck barely covered the rent
So I switched up my game like Will in Hitch
Now I’m Michael Mann with the Ali finish
Don’t need number one, take a seat at the senate
Let me speak my mind, and handle my business
And I’m gone be alright, can I please get a witness?

Verse Two
Hey Mr. Government, how you been?
You should stop by every now and then
Making all those laws must have you beat
Cause we really don’t see you much on these streets
But hey I understand, but if you could
Take a little time out to check the hood
Yeah check the burbs, it might sound crazy
But we just really trying to make it out here baby
But man little Johnny, he faced with the run around
School free lunch, that’s really why he come around
Never learned much, so what just bum around
Life got rough, so he totes that gun around
Sweet little Becca she’s off that crystal
And that’s just as bad as Johnny’s pistol
But it seems like we focused on bombs and missiles
But folks right in front of us, how we miss those?

Finally get a job, make a little paper
Get that house, keep up with the neighbors
Got a little debt? Well work little later
Bet they never told that this money can’t save us
Now you need a break and your heading up to Vegas
Spend a little money so your mind can escape this
Plane ride up thinking can I really take this?
Bills piled up and Uncle Sam trying to break us
Still we caught up with these petty entertainers
Carve our face up till we looking half famous
Deep inside though we’re still so heinous
Yeah, we talk a lot of nothing then we do it again

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