Run Away

<a href="">Run Away by Ill City</a>

Another day. Yeah. Another day.

Verse One
Ever had one of those days? (yeah) one of those moments
When it all crash down, and seem so hopeless? (yeah)
Ol’ boy got money problems, ol’ girl she need love
They both just came to party – these ain’t serious drugs
That’s what they saying ’til they numb, can’t cover it up
I ain’t playing, I done seen ‘em – trouble bubbling up
Saw this woman lookin down like she better than them
But she depressed, living foul, ain’t no better than them
Kind of distant from her husband, he should known she was cheating
Yes she was, said she wasn’t, he found out one evening
But he was caught up with perception, what people was thinking
So he held it all inside and slowly started drinking
Then that cop pulled him over for that swerving and weaving
Now them DUI fees got him turning in his Lincoln
Plus his wife left a note, said she was finally leaving
He slumped down on the couch, no words, barely breathing

Sometimes I want to run away
Sometimes I want just let it go
Sometimes I want to run away
Feeling like I can’t take no more
Sometimes I want to run away
Find a place where no one can see
Sometimes I want to run away
Just so I can feel like I’m free

Verse Two
Ever had one of those days? (yeah) one of those weeks (whoa)
When you’re boss straight tripping, got you grinding your teeth?
My man work construction, it’s the best he could do
Had some problems with the law, never got back to school
His girl just had a baby and she struggling too (hey)
She picked up some classes, I hope she passes
But life is still life it’s gone do what it do
Move fast till it crashes or slow like molasses (yes)
From the block to the burbs we gone feel some pain
Whether you balling or broke it all feels the same
In the league feeling pressure, in the street with that work
Stack of bills on your dresser, Trying to sleep but it hurts
I feel the same on occasion, but life’s so amazing
I bounce back quick trying to work this equation
Might not find the answer, but I’m ready to fly
Still I’m knowing they’ll be days when I (you know what)

I just want to run away [x4]

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