Say It Out Loud

<a href="">Say It Out Loud by Ill City</a>

Verse One
Well hey little momma, I just clocked in
New day little momma, let’s begin
Get your cake little momma, yeah get your ends
You straight little momma? now don’t pretend
Fast pace little momma? Now just that’s life girl
Face a little drama, well you just might girl
But in the face of that drama you get right girl
Shake that stress with all your might girl
Now your boss walk by and he say hello
How you doing? Well I supposed
I’m okay – and how’s Nicole?
Well her and the kids pretty good you know
But in the back your mind you heard on the low
That he been running ’round with that girl from the show
Trade show gigolo, but you won’t say that
The game is a game and well we play that

Uh, yeah
Say it out loud
What? Yeah.
I know what you’re thinking baby

Verse Two
Hey little homie, what’s up young?
New week little homie, what’s up son?
Trying to eat little homie? Get those funds?
That’s cool, but why you gotta tote that gun?
See the real big ballers tote that paper
Talking real shot callers, they get caked up
They got a couple lawyers ain’t worried about Jacob
They buying up land and build estates up
Now your boy walk by and he say what’s good
You know, just trying get by in the hood
You know he be lying so when he talking
You know it’s just talk, ain’t no walking
And in the back your mind well you know
All he do is play Madden and sit at home
Now that right there I can’t condone
I got the same little homie, had to tell him he wrong

Verse Three
Is your girl is addicted to MySpace? (well yeah) – then say it out loud
She buying too many lattes? (well yeah) – then say it out loud
Is your boy too lazy? (well yeah) – then say it out loud
Ain’t supporting his babies (ummm yeah) – then say it out loud

You know I heard that boy got Keisha pregnant?
He ain’t got no job.
I know, he just like like his daddy.
Who his daddy?
JJ – used to mess with Kim from the CVS.
What? I thought she was with what’s his name from UPS.
She is, but you know know how Kim do.
Umph, uh, uh – I don’t know what Keisha gone do.
Well I could’ve told you this was gonna happen – fast little thing.

Ooh, speak of the devil — hi Keisha!
I heard you doing good, when the baby due?
That’s nice, and you know baby gone have that good hair.
Yeah, I’m just trying to pull it all together.
Well let us know when the baby shower gone be cause I got a gift card from Target and I saw this cute little set.
Well good to see you girl, tell your momma I said hello.

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