So Called

<a href="">So Called by Ill City</a>

Ohhhh, this so called life is passing by on a one-way
Maybe you could hold me down
Ohhhh, this so called life is passing by in the rain
Maybe we could slow it down

Verse One
I must be getting old, things ain’t the way they used to be
I mean there’s still the same rappers that I used to see
But on the cool we ’bout done with this jewelry?
I mean the excess floss and tom foolery?
It’s so sad see cats with they MPCs
Like this rap games really paying be-n-jis
Yeah I made a couple of dollars, but never was consistent
Still, this my thing – so I stayed persistent
You trying to sell records to buy a new car
What, the harder you shine, the flyer you are?
No for real, I’m just saying, “You might go far”
But that ASR ain’t going make you a star
I been all around the world, well 9-10 countries
It’s all the same, I can feel your pain
But thinking rap money is your meal ticket
Yo that’s so off base, you simply not be real with it
And top it all off, you not that nice
And you looking for front money – ohh, not tonight
You like, naw naw dog, I’m hot alright?
You so called rapper, get back on your bike

Verse Two
You got a so called business, hey that’s cool
But I don’t want to buy no Excel from you fool
My cousin over here trying to get me too
And my niece selling cookies, trying to stick me too
Ohh, then my man selling Pre Paid Legal
You can’t pass on this, yo dawg you my people
Oh I can pass, quicker than whiplash
Quicker than Tracey Gold can throw up and crash
In class, was y’all sleep? It’s profit over revenue
And y’all fighting over residue
It’s a hoe/pimp game, you don’t need a textbook
Won’t flip cane, but I’m gone stack me some extra
Extra chips not extra whips
Matter fact keep the bling and the extra dips
Cause I’m stingy with mine and I ain’t trying to go back
To pinching pennies just to scrape off the “clearing-’em” rack (yeah)

Verse Three
The church “leaders” used to be leaders, now they just bleed us
Under the guise of Jesus, and where does that leave us?
Most having seizures or lost with amnesia
Forgot where we came from, standouts and teachers
Now it’s handouts and sneakers, big rims and speakers
MTV Cribs and BET features
I ain’t mad at either, but it’s time for a breather
‘Cause life ain’t bling and a German two seater
These so called labels and they so called rappers
Y’all B-movie talent, not even good actors
Me? I’m Citizen Kane gone menace the game
But I ain’t dying alone every sentence remains
Pull a Trump on you wanna be apprentices, man
What you want to do? Best to raise off the premises, man
We won’t finish the same see I’m in it for change
‘Fore I end it gone get your five-minutes of fame (so lame)

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