Sounds So Good

<a href="">Sounds So Good by Ill City</a>

Maybe there’s a reason when it sounds so good
Then you found it’s no good
But you just can’t believe it

Verse One
She said I’m just hating cause he so fine
And hey he want to kick it like all the time
So sensitive, but why is he crying?
And why he always want to do it from behind?
Up goes the blinders, hey you didn’t see that
Man he kind of feminine — uh, don’t repeat that
He bring home the dividends, and hey you need that
It’s all about the Benjamins? You don’t see that
These DL brothers they be dipping undercover
Two kids and a wifey on the low with another
(Hey) Out trying to roam, still claiming that he love her
(Whoa) Then he bring it home, and that plus sign’s a mutha
Know this thick redbone, made me write this track
She used to say I’m dead wrong, he ain’t like that
Man when see found out he turned his back
Luckily she got out ‘fore that HIV attacked

Verse Two
She said I’m just hating ’cause he got cash
And that three-car garage got a brand new stash
That bubble-gum Porsche go oh so fast
But we don’t talk about the time when your face got smashed
He working so hard, that’s what you say
Oh, I didn’t know that makes okay
Run back to Sephora just to cover your face
Couple shots of good gin take your pain away
Hey, it’s so purdy on the outside huh?
Say, it’s kind of dirty on the inside hon
You tell me don’t worry he ain’t really bum
But that good life living make it hard to run
Catch your girls at a luncheon, hey just another function
Maybe raise a couple dollars, everybody just munching
When they ask how you doing you just say I’m fine
But they know you kind of lost a little bubble and shine

Verse Three
I told ‘em stop hating, I’m just trying to get paid
Little island off the coast with a spot in the shade
I got a fast money maker, yeah you just wait
But when it didn’t pan out I was left with a taste
Yeah left with a bill, I left it for real
Fast money appeals, but here’s the deal
You might get lucky or your might get drilled
Crossed-up like them girl-looking dudes in Brazil

Maybe there’s a reason [x4]

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