Street Dreams

<a href="">Street Dreams by Ill City</a>

Street dreams, they calling
And it seems, that we just chasing what they tell us
Street dreams, oh they calling
And it seems, that we just chasing what they tell us

Verse One
I have a dream said Dr. King
Yeah, I gotta dream said young Raheem
I want a brand new Navi sitting on them things
The chipped Jesus and pinky ring (hmm)
I can’t figure and it blows mind
How a 12-year old just dying to shine
I mean dying to shine toting a 9
Claiming this my set, and that’s my sign
I know the streets get rough and you need support
But did they break down all those fees in court?
Yeah, Uncle Sam got installment plans
And when you don’t pay up, well you right back in (hmm)
So don’t start it, the price is hot
No college, but you could do four in a box
Yo, that seems strange to me
Do a four-year bid, but can’t get a degree? (come on)

Verse Two
Now I believe that the children are the future
But I believe that the future might shoot ya
If we concede that they a bunch a losers
We’ll that’s what they’ll be that’s A-B-C
And I don’t really care what you say
Your son ain’t going to the NBA
I know you looking for a way for you to get paid
Well tell him that he really needs to pick up the grades (man)
Nothing’s handed, we must demand it
And still be prepared when the options landed
Do it for the money and you might go broke
Trying to be the best? Well that’s no joke
I hear a whole lot a talking, the same excuses
Yeah, it’s not easy – now don’t be foolish
Y’all dream big to make it happen
But when you wake up, you gotta get things cracking

Off to the mall time to do a little shopping, gotta stay fly today
Spent half my check on another big phone bill, yes that seems okay
And when I go broke I’ma blame it on the system – they should’ve saved the day
And these street dreams, street dreams got me carried away (oh)

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