Take Me Home

<a href="http://music.illcity.com/track/take-me-home">Take Me Home by Ill City</a>

Ready or not (ready or not)
I’m making a stop back (I’m coming home)
I’ve been around and now I found what I been missing (ready or not)

Verse One
Yeah, I was born June 7th back in 73
That makes me an old man in this industry
So my marketing plan? No MTV
But this old man still got a pen with heat
Drop hooks like Kareem, got beats that’s fly
Just to send y’all the message we can all get by
I mean more than get by, we born to get fly
Ain’t no stopping us this time (yeah)
I just found out my pops got laid off (hey)
Well upside, that’s more days off
And we grind so I know you will
Find a little something that will cover the bills
And hey, we a long way from Cecil’s place (okay)
West Lark Drive, yeah I think we straight (yes)
Sunday dinner time, I might be late
But hey, after grace I’m the first with a plate (come on)

Take me home (take me)
Take me home (take me)
There ain’t nothing I’ll be missing
Time to shake this old condition
Take me home (take me)
Take me home (take me)
Yes, I’ve been around just rolling
Now it’s time to get back home and (take me home)

Verse Two
Now my first trip to Africa, what a doozy
Plane touched down, this ain’t like the movies
My man got a mansion with two Jacuzzis
A fresh juice girl keep it oh so juicy
But then we took a ride out to plot the real
I’m talking deep in the cut where it’s hot for real
Straight struggling, smiles still on they grill
Couldn’t make ‘em disappear if you was Copperfield
Ain’t even got fresh water, but they still stay strong
Meanwhile we gas guzzling way back home
I guess it took a couple plane rides for me to see
A couple dollars in your pocket won’t set you free
It’s the mind state y’all – you could grind, skate, ball
But the mental sets the tempo of the time, place y’all
Different spots on the continent, wherever you roam
Just set your mind free and come back home

Verse Three
You hear me talking upside and new ideas
I mean I’m feeling pretty good about who I’m is
But will that do me any good when they close the lid
Cause if you can’t take it with you how you supposed to live?
When you bling, bling, blinging it feels so good
All eyes on you – and it feels so hood
When your ride roll though in that trimmed out wood
Feeling oh so cool like a baller should (yes)
But these days, I’m thinking kind of different y’all
Like DJs, I’m spinning something different y’all
What we say, ain’t always how we living y’all
Don’t know what we tripping off, but I got a different cause
‘Cause someday I’ll be at that gate
VIP at the door, let me in by grace
See on the list, that’s me right there
LaSean Tee Smith? That’s me right here (yeah)
So, when I’m gone don’t cry for me
Play some old Sam Cooke on the ivory
‘Cause a change gone come and when I’m home
I hope my little 2 cents helped that change along

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