Thank You Internet

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Verse One
I got pocket full of Stones, Journey, and some Hendrix
Don’t make me go home, the hard drive’s extensive
Most of what I got, I paid for, expensive
But I kept buying duds, and that seemed senseless
So yeah, I’m a culprit – I try it out for free
After ’bout thirty seconds usually find that’s not for me
But the RIAA say I’m committing thievery
You can test drive a car, but not a MP3 (okay)
Hmmm, yeah I don’t really get it
But okay, okay, if this is how we living
Man I found me some joints that I never would heard
And waiting for the radio, that never would have worked

Thank you Internet, you so generous
No more bait switch, no more Memorex
Go worldwide with a blog and some interest
It’s back to the music and upside is limitless

Verse Two
Doug Morris said the business never changes
A hit is a hit, make celebrities from strangers
Get the right exposure and find yourself some bangers
I do respect a vet, but his species is endangered
Music is the product, y’all caught up on the package
Gotta push the stock up, but where’s the new classics?
Them CDs ain’t selling, but that’s just some plastic
Funny how the wind blows, it’s been a nice racket
Majors gotta hate because they bleeding like a sive
But they baked that yellow cake, they know exactly what it is
They don’t want to hit that safe, so they sue some little kids
But it’s gone, no escape, time to find another biz
This is heavy on my mind, the dilemmas that they facing
Kill your cash cows before you go replace ‘em
Find the new thing and then go and chase ‘em
But would I do the same in them in face of innovation?

Some folks they need their collection
Hi-fidelity aud-i-o (hey)
I won’t go knock your selection
But I found so much mo’ (on the Internet)

Yeah, them Internets boy. They, they changing things. Wow.

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