The Alarm

Ladies and gentlemen thank you for joining us once again.
Please take your seats and welcome to The Collection.

Verse One
Now this is grown man B-I, I know you be I
I’m back on mine so hard you can’t see I
This is so City, but my grammar’s so E-I
O-U want to know how? Come where I be by
A, Joe still hanging with them GIs?
Y? Well, they out fighting jihad
No! Yes, they might need a PI
Funny thing since they could sure find T.I.
Menaging with the vowels, now I’m sure that you see why
Even on the ground I get down and I be fly
Interest right now? Pretty low, better refi
‘Cause I guarantee my rates gone be high
Word on them Internets your boy got heaters
I can’t deny it, I’m not St. Peter
I move fast like a German two seater
Now I’m at the front like a Wal-mart greeter
Catch me in Chucks or some old school Adidas
Pumping this PhanBase slow by the liter
Simple on the surface, but so much deeper
A complex web, guess I’m a dream weaver
Seems the republic got them a fever
But I could transform it, like Julius Caesar
But first I’m gone need some believers
Said you won’t take it? Good me neither
So let’s go and find us some keepers
Ride or die vatos and chikas
If you with me say yeah
Old school, MC Eight, like cheaa

I want you to take me over the moon to some place new, if it’s cool (I said)
I want you to make me into a bloom, somewhere June, if it’s cool (I said)
I want you to shake me, break me, wake me. Is that cool?

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