The Collection

I had to make one of my old Casio beats for this one. Like we back on Lynne Lane. The culmination. It feels good. But it’s about that time. Now I’ma need the cellphones out for this one. I mean it is the last song of the night. You even can stand up if you want to. Yeah, it’s time to wrap this up. But before I go I want to say this…

Pardon my imperfections, I’m no prize
Still making corrections, no surprise
When I lose my direction, I revise
And in this time of introspection, well I tried
Tried? More like I did it
My own worst critic, though I’d hate to admit it
I might recount the digits, but I’m quick off the pivot
You can talk it or live it, but I need mine vivid
Life that is, be careful what you swallowing
My circle? Like Twitter trying to watch who I’m following
Even on a bad day won’t catch me wallowing
Head down focused like I’m walking in Chicago wind
And this spot done ran its course
Resume, check, got my brand endorsed
Money’s okay, still trying to get my soul right
Are we ever there? Might take my whole life
Such a roller coaster, but even when it seems dark
Hold on, and treat it like a theme park
Right around the corner, they’ll be another mean part
My two cents though? Gotta let your dreams spark
So here are mine in 60 plus songs
Across five albums, city bus long
Tried to shed light on a city gone wrong
All to recognize what was here all along
These songs are reminders, call ‘em cues
Of the struggles that define us, Harlem Blues
And the values that align us, walk in twos
How this journey intertwined us to be more than just cool
I’m talking all of my kin folk I’m not even kin to
The ups and the downs everything that we’ve been through
Drama popped up we cut through it like a Ginsu
Now we’re grown up with things to attend to
Still I fight, I will not concede
That being grown up means giving up your dreams
Still all around me that’s exactly what I see
And if I don’t take action that’s exactly who I’ll be
And that’s a non-starter, not even an option
I’d rather be the martyr, than to never even clock in
I made a mark up in marketing now I’m so fluid
Found wisdom in a tagline, yeah, just do it
Thanks to my parents you really guided me
Never said no to what I could strive to be
Gave me the tools to find what inspires me
My very first computer, the plastic ivories
Thanks to the beefs and my early rivalries
Y’all gave me the drive to find what’s inside of me
Thanks to the haters who only tried to be
Negative influences, now I only try for me
Thanks to those who paid when you could’ve got it free
I was only here rapping for a little therapy
Who would’ve ever thought success, at least a certain degree
Would be the school boy, almost call it heresy (yeah)
Thanks to all the women who’ve shared their lives with me
I really hope I’m part of your fonder memories
Thanks to those who felt they could confide in me
Let me listen to their problems, even cried to me
To those who told the truth and didn’t lie to me
To those who took a chance to even ride with me
When it was all just potential giving five for free
Now the limit is the sky far as eyes can see (yeah)
Thanks to my sisters, nieces and nephews
The Alexanders, Smiths, my east and my west crews
It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you
And thanks to the music (yeah), my favorite refuge
All of you have shaped me and set this tone
To help me share hellos to wherever I roam
When we finally free our minds he can take me home
But until that time I’m a stay in the zone
And pardon my imperfections, I’m no prize
Still making corrections, no surprise
In this time of introspection, yes I tried
And this is my collection, good bye

Maybe you could run a mile much faster than me
Maybe you could talk about all the places you’ve seen
Maybe you could buy some things that I’ll never own
But me I’m still smiling

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