The Life We Lead

<a href="">The Life We Lead by Ill City</a>

Ohh. City. Yeah. Welcome to the show ladies and gentlemen. So the life we lead is the life we lead. I told y’all back to back like Venus. Thanks for joining me. The show promises to be, highly entertaining. So the life we lead is the life we lead.

Verse One
I’m too old for them kids up on TRL
But still I got a story to tell
And I shall if you’ll listen so yes pay close attention
Once again I found myself in school detention
Eighth grade met a cat claiming “hook up man”
But man, he ain’t really have no hook ups man
But (yes) he could run his mouth and there’s value in that
So by the ninth grade we kinda making some scratch
10th grade slow it down (whoa) he locked up
Caught a case selling pills keeping kids hopped up
And his girl on the side, well she knocked up
Hadn’t seen him in a while, then he pops up
Said he making moves, met some new people
New plan couldn’t lose, so what’s up with the sequel?
All I saw was the news and me in that van
Catch 5 do 2 before I’m back again
I’m like nah I’m in school now, dog I’ll pass
He like (psss) that’s on you, this is easy cash
I ain’t wish him bad luck, but wouldn’t you know
10 o’clock channel five he the top of the show (whoa)

What’s the consequences?
In just one flash its all so different
This life moves fast, who you kidding?
So the life we lead is the life we lead

Verse Two
Used to live in North Park, up in mid-Diego
In my room trying to scheme on those big potatoes
When Friday show up, yeah hey I’m back y’all
Monday show up, hey I’m back y’all
Got a call out in Gary from this rapper named T
Said he moving back to Cali could he crash with me
My roommate and his girl said that’s cool with them
So my couch is your couch, and that’s cool with him
Now two weeks pass, no real drama
Well he short on his cash, but no real drama
Got a 9 month old, a crazy baby momma
Got a call from her friends, here comes the real drama
They said she in the room with some random cat
They had to know he would lose it, couldn’t handle that
He walked into the crib they like she in there
Walked back to the room and yeah, she in there
Drug dude by his ankles left him on the floor
Grabbed a knife from the kitchen, dude broke for the door
He walked to the back and without much fight
He stabbed her three times then cleaned the knife
Drank a 40 up at P’s house later that night
Never mentioned he had just took a young girl’s life
Meanwhile I’m at work trying to do what it do
My man Ced call me up talking turn on the news
They got your boy on the move and it don’t look good
Finally turned his self in, and caught that wood
Man we never saw it coming, but worse part is
Turns out that wasn’t even his kid (oh)

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