They Can Try

<a href="">They Can Try by Ill City</a>

O-U-T, Ill City

They can try, try, try
But these dreams will never die
We the future and it’s up to you and I (oh, oh)

Verse One
Yeah, back up in it, it’s your boy Ill City
Yeah, back on my business, hope y’all still wit me
Yeah, still hot, still got young girls giddy
Yo that’s real pops, still give y’all real Smitty
Yes, same cat used to be sitting on the boards
Now I bang tracks, gigging, got you dipping on the floor
It’s a shame cats caught in the gimmick de jour
But I came back hot, check the temperature
Scared money never made it so I’m risking it all
While the block stay sedated and just tricking it off
I done found me a hustle called pimping my flaws
And I’m a sell it to the world, if they listen I ball
Not ball in the sense of chipped up Jesus’
But get they attention like a world exclusive
Mix up the scene like my name was Whoo Kidd
This City on the one – you dig? (let’s go)

Verse Two
They said I’d never sell a record if I give it away
Whoa, you too pessimistic – give it a day
I teased them with the product, said give it a taste
They came back with a twenty like give me the base
They could try if they wanna, but they’ll never erase
The pure drive, motivation that I put in they face
I was blessed with a talent, couldn’t put it to waste
I chalk talk up as some hate, and just finish the race (what?)
Opinions be flip flopping from week to week
One minute he so hot, next minute he so weak
So when I’m in the streets, I hardly speak
Yeah, time for some action cuz talk is cheap (whoa)

They can try (yeah), they can try (yeah)
But we the future and it’s up to you and I (oh, oh)

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